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This week’s Restaurant City update takes your customers to the heart of India-Bombay to Bollywood (also known as Mumbai Film)to the largest film industry in the world, selling double the amount of tickets as Hollywood. Get ready to step into the world of glitz and glamour of Bollywood.


Start off your customers Indian dining experience by offering free transportation to and from your Bollywood themed restaurant with these stylish auto rickshaws built for speed! While your dance Troupe greets them setting the mood for their Bollywood dining experience.

Outdoor Bollywood King Poster- Outdoor Hero Bollywood Poster- Outside Tuk-Tuk- White Bull- Outdoor Female Dance Troupe-Outdoor Male Dance Troupe

These Elaborately carved wooden Indian windows and doors will have your restaurant standing out from the crowd, moving beyond the merely ordinary to extraordinary.

Outdoor Indian Window-Outdoor Large Indian Window-Outdoor Small Indian Window-Outdoor Indian Door

Plenty of choices for dining preferences this week, benefiting both you and your customers. Those in a hurry to get back to filming, may prefer Tiffin Take Away or the self-serve Indian Buffet rather the a sit down meal.

Tiffin Take Away – Earns: 850 coins every 2 hours
Indian Buffet Table - Earns 500 coins every 4 hours

Tiffin Take-Away(Limited)-Buffet (Limited)-Indian Chair-Indian Table

In India, Mythology and elephants are some of the richest elements of Indian Culture and an important part of daily life. Add some uniqueness to your Bollywood restaurants with the Royal Indian Elephant and Exultant Indian Elephant, and Mythical statue.

Royal Indian Elephant-Exultant Indian Elephant-Mystical Statue

Hire these Female and Male dance troupes to perform their unique and energetic style of dance, inspired from a mixture of Indian Folk, Classical and disco for your customers entertainment while they dine in your restaurants.

Female Dance Troupe-Male Dance Troupe

Bright colors are key to an authentic Indian look. Bold reds, and vibrant orange wallpaper accompanied with a variety of these Indian tiles will help you to achieve a glamorous Bollywood look to your restaurants.

Spicy Indian Wallpaper-Fiery Indian Wallpaper-Indian Floor Tiles (Tiles sold separately)-
Indian Window-Small Indian Window-Indian Door

Take the glamor of Bollywood right into your restaurants by featuring Bollywood posters of your favorite Actors and Actresses around your restaurants.

Bollywood King Poster-Hero Bollywood Poster-Tuk-Tuk

Decorating the interior of your restaurants with these deco items will give your restaurant an exotic feel to it Making it much more attractive and inviting to your customers.

Tall Brass Vase-Exotic Indian Rug-Indian Candle Lamp(free gift)-Brass Pot(free gift)-Brass Pot with Red Flowers

Every Bollywood themed Restaurants needs to be fully stocked of Indian spices. Remind your cooks to heat the heavier flavored spices in the pan with oil before adding the food to ensure your customers experience the taste of an authentic Indian Dish.

Indian Spices-Pickle Tray-Sauce Tray(free Gift)

On the menus this week are two new Indian inspired meals Chicken Korma, Lamb Biryani and for your customers to drink the popular Mango Lassi.

Chicken Korma-Lamb Biryani-Mango Lassi

For your employees this week we have added modern versions of Shalwar Kameez for the ladies and Sherwani Outfits for the men. No reasons your staff can’t look as good as the Bollywood stars they will be serving!

Shalwar Kameez Top and Pants-Sherwani Top and Pants

We hope you have enjoyed this week’s update of Bollywood! Don’t forget to visit Restaurant City forums and Fan Page regularly for free ingredient giveaways and to keep up with what’s new in Restaurant City!.

*Disclaimer* Sometimes decisions are made at the last-minute and things can work out differently to how we first thought. All information including pricing should be taken as a guidance only and is subject to change before and after release.

Bhog keejeeae भोग कीजिए

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wow how amasing intims this week i realy like it i will wish i have more coins than i hav lol

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some of the items are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and all the others are... baaad

i like the wallpaper the tables and a couple of the decorations!!!! congratulationscongratulationscongratulations

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