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Best line I've heard today!

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Many of you know that I'm a bit of a Twilight fan... ha ha
Anyway, I'm currently reading Twilight fanfic called Coalescence (it's the story of Alice and Jasper) and thought this was the best line I've come across today.

"Alice, even though I can manipulate a lot of emotions, you need to understand that I don't feel them. I'm a man; men just don't do emotions like women. Trust me, I've felt both, and I know the difference. I'm man, and I'm man-style happy."

"Man happy?"

"Yeah, man happy. I don't need to laugh and giggle with the guys to bond with them, because
men don't bond like that. We do things and compete and try to kill each other. We bond in violence. It's fun."

Laughing ha ha...i thought it was really funny! "we bond in violence"

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so very true though to say men and women have different emotions lol

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