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  1. I have 2 hams and a sugar on my wall.. those who need it, can add me and claim it from my wall.. Good luck with your pizzeria
  2. hello, I need Ham ingredient and will trade it for pet society not in shop items or 999's.. if ure not playing Rc anymore or not ungrading the pizzeria.. feel free to trade with me.. tysm.. add me with a message.. tysm.. needing it badly...
  3. dry it and make crafts let it fly on the air use it to save ants that is drowning in water 3 things you can do with a used soda can
  4. hi steph.. gald to see you back here.. and congratulations on your first baby.. she is very cute and adorable.. can i have the tuesday limited item the king plushie )
  5. wow.. this thread is cool.. although i dunno what to comment
  6. edit it.. upload it frame it 3 things you can do with a feather duster
  7. can i have the limited tuesday mouse.. i was really trying hard to load my game.. it wont load luckily lin yao is granting wishes from alice week..
  8. oh god.. ive missed it.. im gonna cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.. anyway congrats to the winner..
  9. nice contest.. i think everyone is enjoying this.. well, btw i needmore friends in this forum.. pls feel free to send a f/r! tysm everyone! 10
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