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Pink Boney

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Since I haven't got much new stuff, I'll post some older builds.

Maisto 1960 Pontiac Boneville
A little out of proportion height wise, but still a really nice casting.

I originally built this car as an entry for an online competition for "PINK" cars, but by the time I got it clearcoated, I was just not happy about how the outline of the pinstripe decals could still be seen and was undecided if I would enter it. I thought that another coat of clear might help hide the decal edges, but no sooner had I sprayed the fresh clearcoat and a *&%@#* moth lands on it, leaving a smudge of moth dust across the back of the car.

I entered a pink taildragger in the competition instead.

Paint is pink nail polish with panel edging in clear purple and clearcoated in 2pac automotive clear.
Pinstripe decals.
Chrome foil trim.
Wheelswap from another Maisto car.

Thanks for looking.

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