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Chopped Shoebox

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My entry in the March 2012 "Shoebox" competition at Creepsterz

The WIP pics at the end will show most of the mods:
Roof cut into 5 pieces for the Chop
Wheelwells reshaped to look more "stock"
Trim extended to back of car
Exhaust cutouts filled
Grill opening filled to fit the "Purple Passion" grill.

Paint is glittery nailpolish with purple candy highlighting the edges, and chrome foil applied before the 2 pack automotive clear.

Wheelswap to a set of whitewall RealRiders

Interior was left chrome because I felt it suited the the shiny, blingy look of the car.

Work In Progress pics

Thanks for looking.

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mr Thorrr never failed to amaze me with his customs..

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