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The World Turns, the Luzitânia Wheels, and Colecon along with the collecting diecast strides, speaking at a rapid pace, we are always steps ahead in terms of partnerships, Support, Organization, Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Credibility, Trust.

The innovative ideas arise naturally, and the power of agglutination has a great response, companies supporting the public understands the message.

To get an idea, invite the biggest name in Brazilian diecast customizing today and one of the best in the world to attend the 1st COLECON CHARITY, my personal friend of Carlos Mauricio Dariz Stúdio CMD19, and he did not blink, he accepted readily.

It was agreed that he would create 02 thumbnails customs to raise funds for CASA SHELTER Mother Assunta Marchetti, there occurred one of the biggest surprises and gifts that the event could get, let's tell a story:

"A few months ago Dariz Carlos Mauricio was invited to join the staff of designers and customizers of DIECASTSPACE.COM, for those unfamiliar is the most important independent organization in the world in terms of events (conventions) with a focus on customization and Collectibles diecast and still has a website with the same importance where one can find works from the best artists in the world and one of the most complete and professional forums this segment of our hobby, an organization with its base in the U.S., being the first guest artist below the line of Ecuador.

Carlos produced two (02) miniatures customs pilots for approval and his debut with the seal of the brand, being one of two chosen, there came the idea, why not talk to the CJ who is the Administrator presented DIECASTSPACE.COM the design of the 1st COLECON CHARITY, they really liked the idea and authorization followed, would have a miniature of the exclusivissima DIECASTSPACE.COM marking the debut of a Brazilian artist and an addendum to the first site outside the U.S. and and most importantly for a satellite event held in Brazil. Sometimes we have to take the plunge, Americans are always one step ahead when it comes to the Diecast Collectibles. "

Monica, Evander "The Lucky Year" and Silvio

In a capitalist world as ours, we can still rely on initiatives like this, from a Brazilian and with the support of an American, and congratulations to DIECASTSPACE.COM CARLOS MAURICIO DARIZ.

The event was held on the last day domindo 25/03/2012, we raised $ 274.73 dollars to the Custom DIECASTSPACE.COM and we will raise an additional $ 274.73 dollars to Custom graphics with a tribute the orphanage, we have no news of a custom sold in Brazil that would have achieved these figures, a more positive point for the event.

Mozaico with images of the custom DIECASTSPACE.COM

Delivery to Sister Lidia's symbolic check of the total raffle $ 549,50 dollars value for the two customs.

The mobilization in favor of the orphanage was fantastic, and raffle tickets were sold quickly

Priscilla with both hands customs

The Dynamic Duo in battle for the sale of raffle tickets for the customs of the orphanage, Monica and Priscilla.

COLUMN TWO POINTS: There are certain situations we can not understand an organization from the outside, miles and more miles away understood and bought the idea of the event, enough to break some pre-established rules to help a cause across the world, and here in Brazil we can not make us understand, tried to harm us, they came to suspect the intentions of the organizers that the event was paid and would profit from it, and disrupt the event in every way possible, and in some cases with attitudes lower, too bad we can not prove, sooner or later the lie always appears, but all that we now know we can count on and that's more important than the pettiness of some attitudes.

In the history of humanity every time someone tried to be the owner of the world, ended up giving it bad, and there are people who think they are the "owners of the shop" themselves, learn that the sun has risen for all, rather than later, and you are swallowed by their own actions ...

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Nice car getting such a big donations and charity... Hotwheels paying back to community all over the world. Congrats to you Carlos.

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