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  1. This is the story of a lonely living wall, nobody cared about it, or even hanging a painting, one day there came the idea of occupying it with a bookcase, a shelf but would not be any, there resorted to friend carlos who promptly accepted the challenge, and with all his talent years following shelving diecast miniatures, I developed this wonder, many friends thought madness collecting miniature metal cars, and even more the amount of my collection, after faced with this wall of thumbnails that is a true Diecast Wall, are now reconsidering, and animating in starting their own collections ... This project was my insight and with all the help and professionalism of Mr. Carlos and Ivan the MAINBOX who took on the project first, custom-made bookcase with 1,080 niches, divided into 03 shares each with 360 niches for scale miniatures 1:64, there are several brands of packaged miniatures as: Hot Wheels Basic, Miscellaneous Series Collector HW, Greenlight, Johnny Lightning, Liberty Promotions, Maisto, Jada, Welly, Oxford, Rusky, Matchbox, Minichamps, California Collectables 64, and NewRay many other ... The Collecting Diecast after meeting my wife and the birth of my son, is among the most important things in my life, because through him and because I met lots of interesting people and some not so, I made many friends, I created a Blog., Organized a convention and now work at a company directly linked to this hobby and other segments will be clear, so if you do not know and seeing this and reading this matter by chance, find out and learn about this hobby, I always say, the motto all: COLLECT iS TO MAKE FRIENDS ... Accompany some more pictures of this wonder bookshelf ... Special thanks to MAINBOX SPECIAL CASES LTD COLUMN TWO POINTS: Collecting DIECAST, THE BEST HOBBY IN THE WORLD, IS TO COLLECT FRIENDSHIPS.
  2. The HK NEWS Hot Collectors its channel in YOUTUBE from today launches another exciting promotion, and only COLLECTORS HOT compete for this promotion, it is only entered in the channel through youtube may enter the lottery, follow ... Towards the 1000 Members, we will seek this goal and who wins is you, we will raffle a 2010 Treasure Hunt Set, Set with a decorated box, case (accordion) containing the complete collection of the year T-Hunts, All Regular and All Super, you know how to follow ... REGULATION - PROMOTION TOWARDS 1000 I - The Application must be made on Channel Hot Collectors through the link.: Http://www.youtube.com/user/HotCollectors. II - Only those registered in the Channel Hot Collectors may participate in this promotion. III - When arriving at the Canal thousandth entered the draw will be held on the first MEETING POINT FOR COLLECTORS Semaan following the date of goal achieved. IV - The Draw is not in person, all entrants will compete in the presence or not in the drawing date. V - If the winner is present on the day of the draw he can immediately take the prize if the winner is from another city or another country and not able to withdraw the award, no problem, the prize may be submitted, but the shipping costs will be borne by the winner. VI - To confirm the award will contact you by Collectors Hot Youtube Channel, and leave a message for the winner only he will know, and await the answer, getting the correct answer will receive the award. Being present or not. NOW THE ACCOMPANYING IMAGES OF THIS FABULOUS PRIZE, EACH PASSING YEAR HE IS MORE VALUABLE AND YOU CAN BE THE WINNER, YOU CAN NOT MISS THIS BE ONE OF THE LAST OPPORTUNITY TO BUY THIS SET ... The Models Custom '53 Cadillac Chevroletor Classic Packard Ratbomb Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe Gangster Grin Ford GTX1 Old Number 5.5 '69 Ford Torino Talladega Chevy Camaro Concept Baja Beetle ’69 Ford Mustang To register is easy, follow the link: https://www.youtube.com/user/HotCollectors
  3. News on Hot Wheels 2012 Basic Series, Lot J on the blister, showing the T-Hunt Regular Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept, plus a lot of news, Accompany ... . Above you can see a miniatures of the most anticipated by the Brazilian public, the collectors waited for this model in Brazil since 2008, and when he finally leaves the drawing board and becomes a reality, it comes with its original name, tremendous ball out, the Opal SS SS is not the Opal, tremendous ball out, an unfortunate thumbnail can not have your name written on the card, who is Chevrolet SS ... For those who usually collect the miniature set with blister this model does not have the same value, there is no justification to convince anyone, let's wait, maybe this model again in the future with its original name. Are you curious about the rest of this batch, access the link below: http://hotkengasgroupbrasil.blogspot.com.br/2012/04/track-track-track-lote-j-da-serie.html
  4. The World Turns, the Luzitânia Wheels, and Colecon along with the collecting diecast strides, speaking at a rapid pace, we are always steps ahead in terms of partnerships, Support, Organization, Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Credibility, Trust. The innovative ideas arise naturally, and the power of agglutination has a great response, companies supporting the public understands the message. To get an idea, invite the biggest name in Brazilian diecast customizing today and one of the best in the world to attend the 1st COLECON CHARITY, my personal friend of Carlos Mauricio Dariz Stúdio CMD19, and he did not blink, he accepted readily. It was agreed that he would create 02 thumbnails customs to raise funds for CASA SHELTER Mother Assunta Marchetti, there occurred one of the biggest surprises and gifts that the event could get, let's tell a story: "A few months ago Dariz Carlos Mauricio was invited to join the staff of designers and customizers of DIECASTSPACE.COM, for those unfamiliar is the most important independent organization in the world in terms of events (conventions) with a focus on customization and Collectibles diecast and still has a website with the same importance where one can find works from the best artists in the world and one of the most complete and professional forums this segment of our hobby, an organization with its base in the U.S., being the first guest artist below the line of Ecuador. Carlos produced two (02) miniatures customs pilots for approval and his debut with the seal of the brand, being one of two chosen, there came the idea, why not talk to the CJ who is the Administrator presented DIECASTSPACE.COM the design of the 1st COLECON CHARITY, they really liked the idea and authorization followed, would have a miniature of the exclusivissima DIECASTSPACE.COM marking the debut of a Brazilian artist and an addendum to the first site outside the U.S. and and most importantly for a satellite event held in Brazil. Sometimes we have to take the plunge, Americans are always one step ahead when it comes to the Diecast Collectibles. " Monica, Evander "The Lucky Year" and Silvio In a capitalist world as ours, we can still rely on initiatives like this, from a Brazilian and with the support of an American, and congratulations to DIECASTSPACE.COM CARLOS MAURICIO DARIZ. The event was held on the last day domindo 25/03/2012, we raised $ 274.73 dollars to the Custom DIECASTSPACE.COM and we will raise an additional $ 274.73 dollars to Custom graphics with a tribute the orphanage, we have no news of a custom sold in Brazil that would have achieved these figures, a more positive point for the event. Mozaico with images of the custom DIECASTSPACE.COM Delivery to Sister Lidia's symbolic check of the total raffle $ 549,50 dollars value for the two customs. The mobilization in favor of the orphanage was fantastic, and raffle tickets were sold quickly Priscilla with both hands customs The Dynamic Duo in battle for the sale of raffle tickets for the customs of the orphanage, Monica and Priscilla. COLUMN TWO POINTS: There are certain situations we can not understand an organization from the outside, miles and more miles away understood and bought the idea of the event, enough to break some pre-established rules to help a cause across the world, and here in Brazil we can not make us understand, tried to harm us, they came to suspect the intentions of the organizers that the event was paid and would profit from it, and disrupt the event in every way possible, and in some cases with attitudes lower, too bad we can not prove, sooner or later the lie always appears, but all that we now know we can count on and that's more important than the pettiness of some attitudes. In the history of humanity every time someone tried to be the owner of the world, ended up giving it bad, and there are people who think they are the "owners of the shop" themselves, learn that the sun has risen for all, rather than later, and you are swallowed by their own actions ...
  5. ENTRIES ARE NOW OPEN FOR RESERVATION FOR TABLES IN CHARITY 1st COLECON ENTRIES ARE NOW OPEN FOR RESERVATION FOR TABLES IN CHARITY 1st COLECON Entries for table reservations for exhibitors at the 1st COLECON CHARITY is now open, this will be a great opportunity for Collectors Diecast participate in another great event and still be able to help a century-old institution of São Paulo which performs a very Pretty close to the children with family problems and social Accompany following the rules of the event ... REGULATION EVENT: 1st COLECON CHARITY SETTING: ORPHANAGE - HOUSE UNDER Mother Assunta Marchetti ADDRESS: Street Orphanage, 883 - Vila Prudente - São Paulo - SP TIME: 10:00 pm to 17:00 pm I - 40 Tables are available for reservations, which will be made only via email: coleconbeneficente@hotmail.com. II - The layout of the tables at the event will be of the order of reserves, from first to last, numbered in order of registration. III - The Reserves are conditioned to deliver a product, appliance per table during the event, with the value from R$ 40.00 (forty reais) proven by the sales receipt to be delivered with the product, As the following relation: 01 - Iron 02 - Blender 03 - Fan 04 - Hair Dryer 05 - sandwich 06 - Mixer 07 - Fruit Expremedor 08 - Set of Cookware 09 - Set of Dishes 10 - Set of Cutlery OBS.: The products listed above will be used by the orphanage in the house Bingos organized to raise funds to cover operating expenses and maintenance. IV - For exhibitors who bring their own tables, the regulation prevails in Items I, II and III, and each table a different product of the above list. Example: Table 02 is equivalent to 02 products. Ex: Hair Dryer and INFORMATION FOR EXHIBITORS * Gates Open to Exhibitors on the day of the event starting at 8:00 pm. * Free onsite parking for Exhibitors and Organization, limited places. * The internal areas of the building where he works ORPHANAGE not be available for visitation on the day of the event. * Is it allowed the placement of door-blister in front of the tables. * We call on all exhibitors who prefer to take small chairs or stools for their own use. * In case of spontaneous donations from the exhibitors, they should be delivered to the organization's staff, noting that the basic needs of the home are: Personal Care Products Cleaning Products School Materials General Clothing (In House are housed children in the age of 02 to 14 years old). * In the event area will be set up tents for the personal support of the Orphanage with Drinks (Soft Drinks, Juices and Water) and Ice Cream Savory to popular prices. Alcohol will not be sold or permitted on site. ORGANISING THE EVENT Blog.: [url]=http://coleconbeneficente.blogspot.com]http://coleconbeneficente.blogspot.com[/url]
  6. 1st COLECON CHARITY On 25.03.2012 will be held the 1st COLECON CHARITY, this event will be held at Orphanage - Casa Madre Assunta Marchetti Shelter, located at the orphanage Street, 883 - Vila Prudente - São Paulo – SP - Brasil. This event was designed to show the social force of the Brazilian Diecast Collectibles, Collectors can show their solidarity with others and with their presence and possible mediations. Children's home range between 02 and 14 Years of Age. This action will take place within a historical site of the City of São Paulo, who survives with the help of others, and it is very important to many children who benefit from it. We will present every day, all the news and attractions that will be part of ACTION, many surprises are being prepared for all who visit this meeting ... Wait for more news over the next few days until the day of the event, Stay tuned!!! ORGANIZATION OF THE EVENT Blog: http://coleconbeneficente.blogspot.com
  7. Demonicle A sua resposta está acima das expectativas de um Translate, das duas uma, ou você é brasileiro, ou um brasileiro respondeu para você...
  8. Lot G of Hot Wheels 2012 Basic Series, had his miniatures released by HWC U.S. in the last 03 weeks, we have all models of this batch have already been disclosed to date on the blister and a few extras. Highlighting the most important premieres, The legendary brand of Harley Davidson Fat Boy in the model here and KITT Knignt Rider known in Brazil as in Sub-Machine Super Series New Models 2012, Accompany ... Below images K.I.T.T. Knight Rider (Knight Rider) in more detail ... Below some more miniatures that incluse HWC were released yesterday by the U.S. Here in blister Accompany ... Below Superized Basic version and normal version of the Maverick Grabber sub-series HW Racing, Accompany ... Below some models of various sub-series of Hot Wheels 2012 Basic Series, all of Lot G, Accompany ... Below some models of various sub-series of Hot Wheels 2012 Basic Series, all of Lot G, Accompany ... Below are some Occ Splitback T-Hunt in the regular version, Accompany ... Credits and Photos: Du Down Under - HWC - U.S.A. BLOG HOT KENGAS http://hotkengasgroupbrasil.blogspot.com
  9. Article about the 46th Semaan Collectors Meeting Point written in English for our international readers ! In the last day 18.02.2012 was held the 46 th MEETING OF COLLECTORS SEMAAN completing 04 years of uninterrupted events held in the same location, making it the largest series of events for collectors diecast made ​​in Brazil and perhaps in the world, is soft or want more ... In the year 2012 we are promoting a revolution in the format of these events, promotions and openings addition to the usual Basic boxes and various collectible series, inaugurated the online broadcast of the event through the Blog. Hot Kengas, several pairings of unique parts and press coverage, and television, including spontaneous covers just to name: the TV MINUTE Subway of São Paulo. REPORT HELD BY RIT TV and National Newspaper Folha de São PAULO about the 46th Semaan Collector MEETING . Enjpy the pictures and video ... Access the link from YouTube.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v...index=2&feature=plcp Below are the prize winners in the 46th Semaan Collectors Meeting... DIEGO COSSENZO UP WINNER OF CALIFORNIA TOYS VAN FELIPE THE SAINTS UP WINNER OF ROCK TRUCK HW AC-DC PAUL "BIG BOND" UP WINNER OF THE ROCK TRUCK HW KISS THE SET UP WINNER CHEVROLET M2 MACHINES 100. BELOW IMAGES OF TRADITIONAL DISPUTES 2x1 OPENINGS IN BOXES OF SERIES AND BASIC SERIES HW collectibles, ACCOMPANYING ... Collectors in the event area with the tables of exhibitors, accompanying ... BLOG HOT KENGAS http://hotkengasgroupbrasil.blogspot.com
  10. What I meant was the following, if you have the poster in hand, why not disclose everything that everyone wants to know ...
  11. It means that the information regarding the news along with pictures of the miniatures of the Basic Series Hot Wheels 2012 listed in the poster will be released in dropper, because he does not disclose what everyone wants to know ...
  12. • o Last Saturday February 18 2012, opening Brazilian Carnival in São Paulo , the 2nd Semaan MEETING POINT FOR COLLECTORS 2012 was conducted with great public and huge success , along with great media coverage, DIARY OF THE GREAT ABC, Folha de SP, SP Subway TV , TV INTERNATIONAL INTERNET LIve Streaming from Hot Kengas Group Brasil Blog. We have got news and draw interest as far as THE USA and Malaysia. For the first time we have got live experimental broadcast on the internet through Hot Kengas in character, innovating and always one step ahead ...Our Brazilian collectors from other states could follow the expos, drawings and dealings as they were there, in perhaps the most traditional monthly collector meeting in Brazil... We as COLECON orgainzation along with Semaan stores are making a commitment and can expect much more on upcoming events, we are enhancing our expertise in organizing events, News, Promotions and Sweepstakes and lots of more attractions. Our supporters began to understand the idea and the message we're trying to pass, every new monthly meeting we can notice new collectors and people who never paticipated in such an event, including visitors from other cities in São Paulo state and other states as Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Santa Catarina, Distrito Federal and Bahia, to name a few. The next event has already started to be organized, and always with new attractions, more miniatures, and more cheap prices and must go's ! We want to bring Brazilian Colectors more and more and we are chasing ... Stay tuned, more surprises await our outstanding collectors on March/2012 ...
  13. This catalog was made to Germany, and has every model year because they have not been released, it must have been a marketing ploy to disseminate the available miniatures, and is actually a mix of the years 2011 and 2012.
  14. Well folks, this is not the album / official poster of Hot Wheels, it was written by a German toy store to attract customers' attention to the release of Hot Wheels, and he made ​​a kind of models MIX 2011 and 2012 ...
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