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How's the Weather?

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The grey crap weather is coming. There goes our nice day. redangry

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Conditions at the Depot Forum Weather Station

Current Date and Time is----- 11/12/15 at 09:20 AM.
Current Temperature is------- 62.4°F at 09:20 AM.
Current Humidity is------------ 69 percent.
The Maximum Temp today --- 64.2°F at 6:34 AM
The Low Temp for today----- 57.7°F at 12:01 AM
The Current Windchill-----62.4°F at 12:01 AM.
The Maximum Windchill-----64.2 °F at 6:34 AM.
Wind speed is currently------ 5.4 mph from the NW
With a Maximum Gust of----- 13.0 mph at 2:34 AM.
Currently Depot Forum Office-- 77.0 F
Today's Rain ------------------ 0.012 in.
Hours of Daylight possible---- 10:34:00
Approx. Cloud Height:--------- 2741 feet.
Uptime this period------------ 0 Days 16 Hours 17 Minutes 52 Seconds

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