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Emergency Anti-Falcon Interceptor

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Since I figured a certain menace would try interfering with the Falcon Awards 2015 I decided to take advanced measures and redirect him:

if (get.IP() == A6N6T6I6F6A6L6C6O6N6)
    return antifalcon;

Anti-Falcon: King of the Sadists

Ha, you inferior peasants should know the drill by now. If this chump, Falcon is going to host an award show I am going to crash it somehow. Since many of you scum of the Earth probably don’t know who I am let me insert a vital piece of knowledge into your brain. I am Anti-Falcon, a clone created with the intent of being a lab assistant; however, since the scientist was irrelevant to my plans of world conquest I ended his pitiful existence. I know many of you probably haven’t seen me much this year, well the truth is that this year was incredibly boring so I didn’t bother much. You foolish humans failed at entertaining me so I spent this time crafting an army so I can take over your world. Don’t believe me? Just know that when Falcon finally falls I will crush everything close to him, including you. The only human endeavors that I even bothered with this year was hosting sadistic matches on some custom stages where I had an unpaid intern fight three foolish humans on stages I designed. Anyway, since none of you idiots would stand a chance against me in your current state, I will give you fools some constructive criticism for the next year. Beware though, if you are sensitive to the truth then close that little browser window and live in fear …because that means you will be an easy target for crushing. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

*The following content was blocked by FalconXD*

Dammit Falcon, how the hell did you hack into my award?

FalconXD: You’re getting too predictable you fool, maybe you should just quit while you’re slightly behind.

Never! I shall “love each and every human unconditionally and contribute back to this world”… HEY! What gives with this computer?

FalconXD: Well it looks like you’re easy to hack into as well. Anyway it has been fun, but I have other stuff to do. Ciao.

*Disconnects Anti-Falcon’s server by installing Linux onto it*

Anti-Falcon: Linux? What inferior processing system is this? Oh great now my servers are infected with it, CURSE YOU FALCON!

FalconXD: Anyway Happy New Year’s to everyone and hopefully 2016 will be a great year for all of you.

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