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Stream Information and Lag Scale

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Stream Information

-Regardless the streamer will play all their matches and stream additional matches.
-When it comes to streaming the end of the tournament and commentators joining in it depends on the main TO’s discretion.

If Falcon / the streamer have plenty of time or there’s a large crowd.
-All of Top 8 starting from Winner Semis.

If Falcon / the streamer are slightly in a hurry and there’s a decent crowd.
-Winner Finals, Losers Top 8, and Grand Finals.

If Falcon / the streamer are in an extreme hurry and competitors are as well.
-Only Winners, Losers, and Grand Finals.

Starting this season, we will be considering other people for commentary besides Falcon and the streamer. If you're interested in commentating a Fight To The Finish tournament, please fill out the form here. The application will be reviewed by me and a few other people; however, this won't start until Fight To The Finish #20 at the soonest.

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Lag Scale Information

This is Fight To The Finish’s Lag Scale, while lag is nearly inevitable on Wi-Fi and players are advised to play through the lag, here are some measures that can be taken if the lag reaches unbearable levels. You may only use one of these measures if a match gets interrupted.

Level 1 – First Interruption. – No harm, no foul, just restart the match and get the percent / stocks as close as they were before the disconnection.

Level 2 – Second Interruption. – Switch hosts for the match and recommend players close out the stream and any unnecessary windows for the match. If another person is available to host they may host as an alternative provided they SD at the start and have a decent connection.

Level 3 – Third Interruption. –Both players reset their routers and re-host, also perform a lag test using pingtest.net.

Level 4 – Fourth Interruption. –If the matches aren’t already 2 stocks and 6 minutes they will become that and the only stages allowed in the set are Omega Flatzone and Omega Duck Hunt.

Level 5 – After 20-30 Minutes if hardly any progress is met. – Whoever was winning for a majority of the match prior to the disconnections will be declared the winner.

Other Points:
-Note that anyone found guilty of intentionally disconnecting or abusing the scale to win will get disqualified from the whole tournament.
-If you disconnect in a match reset percents to what they were at the DC and carry on, YOU CANNOT SWITCH CHARACTERS IF THERE IS A DC.
-Regardless of the scale, lag is still a case by case scenario so note that while the scale exists it is only used as a guideline and can be compromised or altered upon a TO’s discretion if necessary.

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