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Leader-board Information

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Leader-Board Information

(Credit to MoralCritical for the amazing tournament picture)

The concept of the leader-board returns from the first season with players earning points based on how well they perform in a tournament plus accomplishing certain tasks. Although, the leader-board has recieved a major overhaul from last season which effects the rankings. The leaderboard has a three tier system based on the number of competitors. The first tier is for tournaments involving less than or equal to 16 competitors. The second tier contains tournaments with between 17 and 32 competitors. The third tier is for tournaments with 33 or more competitors. Each tier will slightly alter some point totals between the bonuses for balance.

Last season, the tournament leader-board used decay; however, due to people's dislike towards the feature it has been replaced with the new inactivity switch. When players compete in the Fight To The Finish tournaments and are on the leader-board they start off as active. If a player misses three consecutive tournaments though they become inactive on the leader-board and must play in another tournament for becoming active again. Inactive players don't lose points for being inactive, but:

-In the case of a tie between an active player and inactive player, the active player will get ranked higher.
-Inactive players cannot win prizes at the end of the season.

At the end of the season (after Fight To The Finish #30), the Top 3 active players will win prizes, the prizes have slightly changed from last season:

1ST PLACE PRIZE: $35 E-Shop Card or $35 worth of merchandise from the NintendoWorld store in New York City.
2ND PLACE PRIZE: $20 E-Shop Card
3RD PLACE PRIZE: $10 E-Shop Card.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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