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Falcon's Tournament Series Tier List

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While pondering about life, my tournaments came to mind and out of boredom I decided to rank the main tournament series I have hosted over the years in order. This is purely my opinion and I cherish all my tournaments in one way or another, but this is my current opinion on the different series:

Fight To The Finish Season 2  (Season 7)

-Blast Of The Past (Season 2)
-Superstar Showdown (Season 3A)

-Fight To The Finish (Season 6)
-Falcon's Friendly Tournaments (Season 2.5)
-Falcon Tour (Season 3B)

-FxD Center Mayhem (Season 5)
-Wait What He's Alive? (Season 4A)
-Falcon's Fierce Allstar Racing (Season 1)

-Official mariokartwii.com Events (Season 4B)
-Finem Rixam (Season 4C)

This is just a quick thing I did for fun based on my opinions, while not everyone has been around for all the seasons if you have any comments or opinions, feel free to share!

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