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Fight To The Finish #17: Make It Rain Pain Results

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Fight To The Finish #17: Make It Rain Pain

BRACKET LINK: http://challonge.com/rainpain

Thank you to everyone that joined Fight To The Finish #17. This was a tense tournament not only due to the strong match-ups in the tournament, but also the salt mines generated by both the regular matches and grudge matches. Many people thought this tournament was a bit slow, but it actually ran at a similar pace as the last tournament, plus with a Sonic Ditto Grand Finals, how slow could you get (apparently very slow)?. Anyway, there were 36 players in Fight To The Finish #17 and because of that this is a Tier #3 tournament here are the final results:

TOP 16:

1st: Raheem The Dream (Sonic)
2nd: Meteor_Orbit (Sonic)
3rd: Saiyuki (Mewtwo)
4th: Zane (Marth, Bayonetta)
5th: Blu3 (Kirby)
6th: Realms (Fox, Sonic, Diddy Kong, Meta Knight, Marth)
7th: Miso (Cloud, Marth)
8th: Proctavia (Pikachu, Donkey Kong)
9th: Senji (Meta Knight)
10th: Cyziax (Dr. Mario, Yoshi, Meta Knight)
11th: Spike (Zero Suit Samus)
12th: Chukky (Ness)
13th: Monochroma (Link)
14th: JP (Ness, Samus)
15th: Black Star - Pavel (Luigi, Mewtwo, Sonic, Robin)
16th: ShinyToS (Pacman)


17. ChronicleRising
17. Connon
17. Deandre567
17. NiteStar
17. Slingshot206
17. Tshadow7
17. Knite
17. ZeNo
25. Furyg16
25. Gman
25. King_Geedor4h
25. Mikerowave
25. Mr. Nesu
25. Rezid
25. TheMasianOne
25. Chusam
33. Galledonium
33. GR33NL3M0N
33. Maryjane818
33. PokemasterN64

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