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Fight To The Finish #18: Reality Check Results

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Fight To The Finish #18: Reality Check

BRACKET LINK: http://challonge.com/realitycheck

Thank you to everyone that joined Fight To The Finish #18! Although, alot of people in this tournament are new to Fight To The Finish Season 2, there were alot of familiar faces in the crowd from past tournaments I hosted which is always nice. The tournament had a few surprises and unfortunate moments, but overall it was a pretty standard tournament. Raheem won his second tournament straight, the question is will his streak continue or can somebody stop him from taking over the season? Only time will tell. There were 30 players in this tournament which makes it a Tier #2 tournament and that's how the rankings will work on the leader-board. Now here are the results from this tournament:

TOP 8:

1st: Raheem The Dream (Sonic, Dr. Mario)
2nd: Urameshi (Cloud, Ike, Meta Knight)
3rd: Killer (Little Mac)
4th: Realms (Fox, Sonic, Diddy Kong)
5th: LuckyTails (Luigi)
6th: Gman (Toon Link)
7th: Proctavia (Donkey Kong, Fox, Pikachu)
8th: Fzekan (Kirby)


9. TheMasianOne (Little Mac, Link)
10. Coyors (Shulk)
11. Blu3 (Kirby)
12. Furyg16 (Luigi)

13. Legacy
14. FinalChaos
15. Cyziax
16. Xigi13

17. Kirito_Green
17. TW4L
17. GR33NL3M0N
17. Korin27
17. Nintega
17. TboNe_03
17. TMC_ZxAbsol
25. bagajr
25. Command
25. Identity CaKe11
25. King_Geedor4h
25. nickyG23
25. Streakz

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