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Fight To The Finish #20: An Unexpected Occurrence Results

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Fight To The Finish #20: An Unexpected Occurrence Results

BRACKET LINK: http://challonge.com/unplanned

Thank you to everyone that joined Fight To The Finish #20! Last tournament was the largest tournament of this season and it's hard to believe that we're already a third of the way through this series. The tournament had many match-ups and a fairly epic Top 16, anyway without further ado here are the results from the 39 person, tier #3 tournament:

TOP 16:

1st: Black Star - Pavel (Mewtwo, Robin, Megaman)
2nd: Gman (Toon Link)
3rd: Blu3 (Kirby, Mario)
4th: Realms (Fox)
5th: Gingah (ROB, King Dedede, Lucina, Roy, Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong, Little Mac, Jigglypuff, Kirby, Charizard, Luigi)
6th: Raheem The Dream (Sonic, Luigi)
7th: TJ-Senji (Lucario)
8th: LRAStart (Fox, Toon Link, Captain Falcon)
9th: Robomex (Kirby)
10th: Killer (Little Mac)
11th: KezaruGX (Dark Pit, Pit)
12th: TheMasianOne (Little Mac, Link)
13th: Nestrocity (Fox)
14th: LightStar (Yoshi)
15th: Swiff (Greninja, Falco)
16th: Swordlegacy (Link)


17. chaosmateus
17. Chusam
17. furyg16
17. Cyziax
17. NEPA Omegascizor
17. Proctavia
17. Seany2702
17. Miokuyung
25.  ccdove
25. ChronicleRising
25. GR33NL3M0N
25. Içèkachú
25. Jekly
25. TP | HeAt
25. WaluigiTheGreat
25. Yuri Bacon
33. BeastySkillz
33. Ditchpigs
33. Denalan
33. Jamesb2696
33. STR | Xide
33. TF_SmALLs
33. TMC_ZxAbsol

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