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Fight To The Finish #26: Road Trip Results

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Fight To The Finish #26: Road Trip Results

BRACKET LINK: http://challonge.com/theroadtrip

Thank you to everyone that attended Fight To The Finish #26! This tournament was a fairly standard one, but it was fun nonetheless and it was nice seeing many Season 1 and Season 2 veterans in the mix. This tournament had 24 players making it a Tier #2 tournament and now without further ado here are the results:

TOP 12:

1st: Killer (Little Mac)
2nd: Count Regulus (Wendy, Mewtwo)
3rd: ViLL (Villager, Corrin)
4th: Raheem The Dream (Sonic, Shulk, Megaman)
5th: Leaf (Corrin)
6th: Black Star - Pavel (Mewtwo)
7th: Swordlegacy (Link, Roy)
8th: Endy (Bayonetta)
9th: Raza (Ness)
10th: C0smic_Taz (Luigi)
11th: Adamsicle (Wario)
12th: AceMcNoodles (Mario)


13. LRAStart
14. Jamesb2696
15. Blu3
16. TShadow7

17. Furyg16
17. Fumezero
17. GR33NL3M0N
17. Knives56k
17. MultySentinel
17. Al3x_v9
17. ZxAbsol
17. Yuri Bacon

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