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Fight To The Finish #27: A Quick Pitstop Results

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Fight To The Finish #27: A Quick Pitstop Results

BRACKET LINK: http://challonge.com/quickpitstop

Thank you to everyone that attended Fight To The Finish #27! It was a smaller tournament with a few lag spikes, but besides that it ran smoothly, even when the main TO decided to jump in and compete. In the end, there was some close competition with some intense kills and mishaps along the way. Now here are the results of the Tier #2 tournament.

TOP 12:

1st: Realms (Fox, Diddy Kong, Sonic)
2nd: Raheem The Dream (Sonic, Cloud, Mario)
3rd: Black Star - Pavel (Mewtwo, Robin)
4th: Gman (Toon Link)
5th: Chuyramosfregoso (Bowser Jr.)
6th: Count Regulus (Wendy)
7th: t1mmy (Mii Gunner, Mewtwo)
8th: EndyEnds (Bayonetta)
9th: LRAStart (Captain Falcon, Lucario)
10th: ViLL (Villager)
11th: t0mmy (ROB, Mii Gunner, Random)
12th: Blu3 (Kirby)


13. Jekly
14. Sm4shKing
15. Furyg16
16. MaxxKyo

17. Ditchpigs
17. FalconXD
17. HashSlasher0311
17. Monochroma
17. soniclinkerman
17. Tshadow7

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