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Fight To The Finish #28: Hotel Hijinks Results

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Fight To The Finish #28: Hotel Hijinks Results

BRACKET LINK: http://challonge.com/hijinks

Thank you everyone that attended Fight To The Finish #28! Surprisingly it was yet another 26 player tournament with a smooth start, staying consistent albeit for some Bayonetta salt and also a surprising lack of grudge matches until the end. In the end this tournament had a nice decent mix and as mentioned before it was a 26 player Tier #2 tournament, now without further ado here are the results.

TOP 12:

1st: Raheem The Dream (Sonic, Shullk, Little Mac)
2nd: Leaf (Corrin, Pit)
3rd: DragonZens (Cloud, Shulk)
4th: Black Star - Pavel (Robin)
5th: KRKN (Samus)
6th: Gonzo (Link)
7th: Swordlegacy (Link)
8th: Endy (Bayonetta)
9th: Cyziax (Mario, Cloud, King Dedede)
10th: SilverAvion (Roy)
11th: Dimento98 (Lucina, Captain Falcon, Rosalina)
12th: Aro8915 (Link)


13. Furyg16
14. RawKnee
15. Jekly
16. Jamesb2696

17. Al3x_v9
17. Chusam
17. Count Regulus
17. Fabiio
17. Knives56k
17. SuperFlame
17. TCJoker
17. ViLL
25. LRAStart
25. SoapySponge

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