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Discord Stereotypes

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So for those of you that don't know, back when a site I used to host tournaments on Allisbrawl existed, I made a Sm4sh Stereotypes list, creating a list of all the people I play Sm4sh with and their stereotypes. While that series isn't necessarily dead, as time goes on and I start playing Sm4sh less as a player and more so as a TO I have been playing more or less the same type of people. This is why this time around I'm creating a Discord stereotypes list. Basically this is me parodying a few users that I'm in different Discords with and what they would commonly post. I don't mean this as offensive in anyway and this is just me having some lighthearted fun, now without further ado, let the list begin...

Believe: I don't use Discord to chat with people, I just like playing with the bots.

Cody: I have nothing to say, so here's some random video I found out of nowhere.

Vic: You aren't talking about the Switch in this channel so it's a bad channel.

Joseph: *insert political banter here*

Rezid: SPAM THE MEMES! (also you will never escape these lists).

Raheem: This is Raheem The Dream :sun: Here to destroy all you mutha... :brofist: and end the reign of Bayonetta and Corrin players :angryface:... Please vote for Shantae, Geno, and Wreck It Ralph in Smash 4 Deluxe. :determined: ?

SuperFlame: You guys still use Skype.... right?

HashSlasher: I know what's relevant, Spongebob Jokes! That's why I call myself Wumbo!

Yuri Bacon: Howdy folks! It's me, your neighborhood friendly Yuri Bacon! I'm down to talk about whatever!

Xune Leka: Yeah I'm going to destroy them in this game. *gets destroyed for saying they will dominate everyone*.

Deandre567: Let me break the ice with some creepy-pasta stories!

GR33NL3M0N: Tourney is this Thursday at 5:30 PM CT!

Taft: Hello everyone, my streaming schedule is... I might as well be Taft's secretary since that's mainly what I post.

Shado Chimera: I can only talk for a second, I'm in the middle of a rain-maker!

Pavel: o, o, o, o, smh tbd, smh tbd, smh tbd, smh tbd. Huh, was I supposed to respond to somebody instead of spamming this empty channel? Oh well.

Blu3: All of you can kiss my ***, I'm the best around! *3 minutes later* Why are you guys hating on me? What did I do?

Amy: Give me orbs, play me in dubs, or leave my server!

Leaf: *notices somebody reacted to a post, clicks the button also*


Gman: *goes into a coma for a week only to return as if he was there the whole time*

Lust: Don't worry I act stupid on the internet and don't take anything seriously... just don't make .-. or ._. faces, those trigger me.

Swordlegacy: Any grills around here? I need somebody to drunk text.

Levi: Notice my self-promotion senpai! Hek!

Sketch: Yo Falcon! I know it's 3 AM your time zone and you're really tired, but I think now would be perfect for a two-hour philosophical, mind-engaging life talk.

ShadowKeru: Nobody wants to join your freaking tournaments.

Angie: I have plenty of time to keep a tab on all my Discord servers! Oh send you a friend request on League? Yeah, that one might take me a while...

ADMRL: Don't mind me, I'm just going to ghost here for a little bit.

Ade: Must... accomplish... everything... I... can... do...

ROBSquad Regulars: ROB is a bad character, he is the worst one in this game this is why we're having a debate on whether nair sucks or not.


TheMasianOne: Yes, Master Cyziax!

Almate: *copies and paste song lyrics to create memes*

Chao: GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! Here is your role call for today... Also while you're at it have one of my OCs, it's an officially licensed Sega character because my uncle works at Sega.

Critical: Hey pal, how's it going? I'm a bit busy now, but always down to chat.

R1NGT0N3: Friendlies?

Electric: I love you Falcon, but you're also competition to Hypest Tournaments...

MK8 War Chat: XvX please.

Hotdogturtle: Hooray for SSF2 making stadium relevant in Smash games again!

Kotejimo: Let me periodically update my Discord and use it for nothing...

Dasavage101: *gets roasted by literally everyone else in the server*

Electricman: @everyone Please check out my let's play of Kid Icarus Uprising on 0.0!

Sever: Join Friday Fightday!... Wait, people host tournaments on Fridays? Why does everyone host tournaments on a Friday?

Mee6: "Congrats you leveled up to Level __". These levels are utterly pointless, but you feel accomplished now, don't you?

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