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Fight To The Finish #30: The Moment Of Truth Results

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Fight To The Finish #30: The Moment Of Truth Results

BRACKET LINK: http://challonge.com/momentoftruth

Thank you everyone that attended Fight To The Finish #30! This was one interesting finale tournament, there were many amazing match-ups between veterans and newcomers with some surprising twists. Also it was nice that I got to see most of the Losers Top 8 onwards which is nice. I enjoyed seeing many participants enjoy themselves this season and I can't wait to see what the future holds for Fight To The Finish. One of the best parts of this tournament though was the continuity such as seeing Blu3 V.S. Pavel to start and finish the Grudge Match Fridays as well as Gman V.S. Raheem in Grand Finals which came down to a time-out in Game 5. In the end though, here are the results of this Tier #3 (because even though 32 players appeared on the bracket, there were actually 33) tournament:

TOP 12:

1st: Gman (Toon Link)
2nd: Raheem The Dream (Sonic, Shulk, Kirby)
3rd: Black Star - Pavel (Mewtwo)
4th: Princess Karna (ROB)
5th: Realms (Fox, Sonic, Diddy Kong)
6th: Toffy (Roy)
7th: Skooby (Yoshi)
8th: Jamesb2696 (Corrin)
9th: Mr. Collazo (Yoshi)
10th: Aro8915 (Link)
11th: Femi98 (Captain Falcon)
12th: TheMasianOne (Little Mac)


13. ViLL
14. Al3x_v9
15. JimmyDeanLinks
16. LRAStart

17. Blu3
17. Cyziax
17. HashSlasher0311
17. LexJewthor
17. MultySentinel
17. Slingshot206
17. Volting5150
17. Yuri Bacon
25. Swifteye (47vibez)
25. DeshoVDemon
25. FMSB_Raza
25. Jekly
25. MooshTheMighty
25. Popsco
25. WITT
25. WizzySushi
33. Leaf

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