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Fight To The Finish Season 2 CPU Civil War

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The civil war between ZeRo and Ally was heavily influential. Being created directly by the Smash 4 community it lead to one of the biggest Smash 4 events with ton of fan-art + content. Similarly it influenced many players and people with many people following suit and creating their own Civil War. Due to this popularity and the fun concept of it I decided to add a CPU Civil War as a means of earning bonus points for the Fight To The Finish Season 2 leaderboard.

How It Works:
The way this works is I have taken the Top 32 players on the Fight To The Finish Season 2 Leaderboard and put them in the Civil War. Each player is represented by one of their characters they used in Fight To The Finish Season 2 controlled by a Level 9 CPU. Team Believe and Team Cody start with the top player on their list and they play a 1v1, once that battle is over, the loser CPU is knocked out and the winner faces the next opponent on the list with the number of stocks they had left before the battle ended (i.e. if it's a 2 stock battle and the winner has 1 stock left they have 1 stock for the next battle) similar to regular crew battles. The winning team is the first one to knock the other team out.

-All players are represented by one of the characters they reported using in Fight To The Finish Season 2 Tournaments.
-No characters will be switched for any individual during the tournament.
-Final Destination only.
-2 Stock Matches, 6 Minutes timed. The winner starts with the number of stocks they had at the end of the match, due to this matches may end before the game says so.
-If a time out occurs the person with less damage wins the set.
-Both players are controlled by a Level 9 CPU.
-The winning team will get +5 bonus points on the leader-board.

I'm happy to answer any questions, but if not good luck and let the Civil War begin!



Team Believe: (3)
-Raheem The Dream (Sonic)
-Black Star – Pavel (Mewtwo)
-Gman (Toon Link)
-Leaf (Corrin)
-LRAStart (Captain Falcon)
-Killer (Little Mac)
-SilverAvion (Roy)
-Yuri Bacon (Ganondorf)
-Raza (Ness)
-Realms (Fox)
-JimmyDeanLinks (Peach)
-HashSlasher0311 (Jigglypuff)
-Dimento98 (Lucina)
-ViLL (Villager)
-Count Regulus (Wendy) [1]
-Aro8915 (Link)

Team Cody: (0)
-Blu3 (Kirby)  
-Endy (Bayonetta)
-Cyziax (Dr. Mario)
-Jamesb2696 (Corrin)
-Swordlegacy (Link)
-TheMasianOne (Little Mac)
-Femi98 (Captain Falcon)
-Proctavia (Pikachu)
-Princess Karna (ROB)
-SuperFlame (Meta Knight)
-KRKN (Samus)
-Furyg16 (Luigi)
-Mr. Collazo (Yoshi)
-DragonZens (Cloud)
-RawKnee (Captain Falcon)
-HappyLog (Game and Watch)

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Here is a live update of every battle in the Civil War and the result of it:

Battle #1: Blu3 defeats Raheem getting a JV2 on him and knocking him out of the war, the score is 31-30, Team Cody is up.

Battle #2: Pavel quickly evens the game against Blu3, knocking out his last stock while only racking up 69%. The score is tied 30-30.

Battle #3: Endy tries to avenge Blu3 by defeating Pavel; however an unfortunate SD lets him only get 97% on Pavel. Pavel defeats Endy and the score becomes 30-28, Team Believe's favor. [Footage is lost]

Battle #4: Cyziax ends Pavel's reign with a mighty forward aerial only losing a stock to Pavel's up Smash and then taking 37%. The score is 28-27, Team Believe is still up.

Battle #5: Cyziax ends up losing to Gman's forward smash, but not before taking a stock off of Gman and knocking him down to 55%, not bad for a single stock. The score is 27-26, Team Believe remains on top.

Battle #6: Jamesb2696 tried his hardest eliminating Gman quickly with some nice placed hits; however, Gman got rid of one of James B's stock and gave 22% before getting knocked out by an up-smash. The score is 26-25, Team Believe is still slightly in the lead.

Battle #7: Leaf and Jamesb2696 duke it out in a Corrin ditto, Leaf started off getting destroyed by James and losing a stock; however, due to a barrage of counter on Leaf's part, a side-B to read to get-up attack and a final counter, she takes out Jamesb2696 at 150% while retaining 42% on her second stock. The score is 25-24 as Team Believe barely hangs on to their lead.

Battle #8: Legacy has a great start hitting Leaf with multiple attacks without taking hardly any damage; however, a few foolish tilts countered close the gap with a countered down aerial ending his first stock. Legacy eventually gets Leaf, but not without taking 78% and avoiding a few near death experiences. The score remains on a constant decline 24-23 as Team Believe stays in 1st.

Battle #9: LRAStart decides he is tired of the slow stalemate and proceeds to stop Legacy without losing a stock and only taking 37%. After Legacy foolishly Up-B's on stage with a bomb in hand, LRAStart hits him with a side smash, then  his bomb blows up letting LRAStart do a few up aerials. Then get an up-smash, a side-B, and finish with an up-smash. The score is now 24-22 as Team Believe secures the lead slightly.

Battle #10: TheMasianOne realizes his team is down so he hits LRAStart with 81% off the bat before taking damage. LRAStart quickly closes the gap with some Side-Bs and a Falcon Punch, but Masian pulls away by hitting him with some down-smashes. A backthrow off the ledge into a down-smash from Masian takes LRA's first stock. Then Masian kicks into hyper drive and starts using counters, smashes, and jabs logically. One final Up-B from Little Mac lets Masian 2 stock LRA. The score is tied 22-22, back to even.

Battle #11: As Killer and Masian square off in the Final Destination ring it's a close encounter with both sides giving and taking, until eventually Killer killed himself by falling off the stage while Masian has a KO punch in reserve. A side-B into a counter makes things worse for Killer, but he feels relieved when Masian wastes the KO Punch and lets him get a free KO. Masian comes back though and down-smashes Killer at 0% knocking him far enough away to end the match. The score is 21-20 now Team Cody takes the lead.

Battle #12: The first stock starts off with SilverAvion trying to get rid of Masian's last stock, but Masian uses counter and quick feet to build up damage and remove one of Avion's stocks. SilverAvion returns and knocks Masian off stage and hit with a Flare Blade, but Masian jumps to the stage, wall kicks to get over and side-Bs; however, Avion reacts by grabbing and pummeling him. Things look good but Masian has a KO punch loaded, he tries to hit Avion, but meets a Dancing Blade instead, Avion continues to try racking up damage; however, Masian uses a charged lunge and abuses the super armor to power through the hits and KO Avion. Masian two stocks Avion with 113%, but his last stock remains in tact. The score is 21-18, Team Cody now leads with the largest gap so far.

Battle #13: Masian starts off this battle with jabs and a counter getting Yuri to 35%, then an up-smash which makes the total 57%, a down smash leads to 70% for Yuri, no damage for Masian. Yuri finally retaliates with a Down-B. After a few more trades, Yuri has over 110% while Masian only has 14%, an up-smash takes a stock away from Yuri who needs a miracle to turn it around. A f-tilt into Down-B helps rack up damage. The down-smash gives Masian much needed damage, but also activates his KO Punch sending him off the stage. Masian gets back and uses the KO punch, but whiffs giving Yuri a chance. Yuri tries consecutive Down-Bs but they don't work. Masian goes for a super armored lunge, but Yuri learns from Avion's mistakes and shields it, although his down-smash punish misses. From there a series of unfortunate events commence with Masian getting an Up-B on Yuri KOing him while holding onto his dear stock with 106%. The score is 21-16 as Team Cody pulls away.

Battle #14: Raza quickly racks up damage on Masian with a PK Fire into PK Thunder putting Masian off stage, he tries to style with a PK Flash, but it misses letting Masian land a beefy up-smash on him. Raza makes a few more mistakes and the game is even. Raza retaliates with a back-throw and retries his PK Flash which dominates Masian and ends his run. Raza retains both stock and only has 47% on him. The score is 20-16 in Team Cody's favor who still has a reasonable lead.

Battle #15: Femi starts off with a quick chain of damage, but Raza keeps it close. Raza takes the lead back with a d-throw into double fair chain, then when Femi lands he jabs him off the stage, but a sourspot knee and Falcon Kick bring the game back to even. Raza tries going for a PK Thunder hit, but misses, although a few quick tilts keeps Femi from punishing him. The game remains close as they get closer to kill percent. A side-B from Femi takes Raza's stock at around 98%. Raza takes a little damage after the stock lost, but quickly forward smashes Femi to make it even again. The two play around until finally Raza's PK Thunder connects and KOs Femi leaving him with 1 stock and 57%. The score is 18-15, Team Cody has a lead, but it's slowly shrinking.

Battle #16: The battle starts off with Raza racking up quick damage thanks to PK Fire and throws. Raza jumps off stage to try knocking around Proctavia, but misses. Proctavia takes advantage of a vulnerable and recovering Raza by spamming thunder jolts at him. The thunder jolts collide with the PK Thunder twice interrupting it as Raza tries to recover. A third time it clashes, but the fourth time lets Raza get back on stage. Raza racks up more damage and plays safe trying not to get combo'd by Proctavia. After a while Raza has 54% and Proctavia has 108%. Raza tries a back-throw which almost takes a stock off Proctavia, but barely misses.  Another backthrow KOs Proctavia with Raza at 63%. Proctavia adds a little more percent onto Raza, but not without taking another D-throw into double fair combo. Raza tries the combo again, but Proctavia interrupts the second fair putting him in a good position. Raza has 92%, but Proctavia starts catching up to Raza in percent due to well timed jabs and PK Fires. Proctavia back-throws Raza off the stage and the battle of PK Thunder and thunder jolts continues. After two clashes, Raza PK Thunders onto the stage, but Proctavia uses his own Down-B to end the battle while having 1 stock and 83% remaining. The score is 17-14, Team Cody still is up.

Battle #17: Realms and Proctavia starts off with their neutral Bs for chip damage. Proctavia lands light attacks on Realms while Realms lands a heavy attack in return to balance the percents. Realms tries getting in and hitting Proctavia, but keeps being punished for it, but an opening happens and Realms gets a much needed up-smash. After some more chip damage and a down-smash off the stage Realms has a slight lead. Realms tries punishing Proctavia off stage, but misses the first time and after a repeated scenario happens misses the second time. Proctavia back-throws Realms off stage with Realms recovering with the Up-B, but Proctavia only punishes with thunder jolts. This lets Realms get to Pikachu and perform a down smash to end Proctavia's reign while holding onto both stocks and 101%. The score is 16-14 with Team Cody's lead shrinking.

Battle #18: The battle starts off with Realms and Karna being back to back with each other; however, when Realms ties things up Karna uses a beep boop to pull ahead. After a while more with the percents creeping up Realms uses a d-tilt to take the lead back. Karna keeps Realm at bay with nairs and some jabs, but Realms eventuallly gets in with a down aerial and down-smash to knock Karna off stage. Realms go off stage, but being in the air is susceptible to n-airs. Eventually Karna tries a up-throw to kill, but Realms just barely survives. The second one does though with Karna taking the 1st stock. Realms tries to kill, but Karna quickly adds 36% more to him. Eventually though a shielded down-aerial from Realms lets him take Karna's 1st stock. Realms goes on a run using lasers to chip award, and grab + jab combos to take the lead again, but the lead is loss when he runs into a beep boop. The battle is close, but eventually Realms runs up and gets an up-smash on Karna living with 87%. The score is 14-13, Team Cody barely ahead.

Battle #19: Realms and SuperFlame start off with colliding sex kicks putting them both at 1%. SuperFlame quickly takes a lead, but Realms carries SuperFlame across the stage with jabs and finishes with a down-smash to retake the lead briefly. After enough of Realm's Side-B and SuperFlame's Down-B shenanigans, SuperFlame grabs Realms and back throws him off the stage. Realms tries recovering with a Side-B, but eats a forward smash ending his run while SuperFlame has 2 stocks and only 42%. The score is 14-12, Team Cody looking to get a big lead once again.

Battle #20: The battle of upward hitting attacks begin with JimmyDeanLinks getting an edge on SuperFlame. SuperFlame tries closing the gap with hitting JimmyDeanLinks with a Shuttle Loop, but JDL air-dodges and punishes with a forward smash taking SuperFlame's 1st stock while only having 27% damage. This wakes SuperFlame up and he starts hitting Jimmy with a barrage of attacks, but due to SuperFlame's character, JimmyDeanLink keeps making the percent gap smaller with steady attacks. The back aerials start taking their toll on SuperFlame as he is almost up a stock, SuperFlame tries countering, but throws on the ledge are working well for Jimmy. SuperFlame tries knocking JimmyDeanLinks off the stage and gimping, but misses and gets hit by a back aerial. JimmyDeanLinks lives with both stocks at 89%. The score is tied at 12-12.

Battle #21: JimmyDeanLinks continues his tactics of throwing turnips and landing back aerials, while KRKN uses charge shots and missiles to keep the game even. KRKN starts trailing Jimmy so he tries throwing him off and landing a meteor smash, but Jimmy just floats back onto the stage. JDL tries a throw on the ledge, but KRKN reads this and uses a down tilt. A super missile from KRKN takes the lead back for him. JDL throws a turnip forcing KRKN to jump and prepares an up-smash, but KRKN uses a bomb to delay the fall. Both players are at 107%, then both are at 116%. A whiffed up-smash from Jimmy lets KRKN get a back-throw on the ledge and gives him a chance, but JDL recovers and a mis-shielded hovering forward aerial from JDL takes KRKN's first stock. JDL is at 164% and can easily die from a single hit, but that doesn't stop him from getting 83% on KRKN before eating an up-B which takes his 1st stock. JimmyDeanLinks quickly shakes it off and puts KRKN at a dangerous percent. He tries using a hovering forward aerial, but KRKN learns his lesson perfect shielding it and retaliating with a super missile. Suddenly after being hit with projectiles JDL is at 63%, but JDL calms down and lands a forward smash letting him beat KRKN. The score is 11-10, Team Believe now has the lead.

Battle #22: Furyg16 tries to get an early start on JimmyDeanLinks and knock him out, but he starts getting hit by many attacks. Trouble starts brewing when Fury gets above Jimmy and is hit with an up-smash and only getting in a down-throw before being hit by a forward aerial. Jimmy tries knocking away Fury off stage, but Fury keeps recovering with a Green Missile making it back to the stage. Eventually JimmyDeanLinks takes a stock off Fury having 60%. Fury tries landing attacks and puts more damage on, but nothing solid. After enough damage Fury lands a forward smash, but Jimmy barely survives it. Jimmy rolls into a down-smash though which gives Fury the win at 50% on the last stock. The score is 10-9, Team Believe struggles to close their gap.

Battle #23: Hash has a slow start eating many of Fury's attacks, but he slowly picks up the pace and starts landing forward aerials on Fury, considering it's the best Puff has to offer. Furyg retaliates with a few Luigi cyclones to put Hash into 60%, almost kill percent for Jigglypuff. Hash tries two roll-outs back to back, but both miss. The third one does as well and so does the fourth, and the fifth, eventually Fury lands an up-smash almost killing Hash. The next up-smash does kill with Fury having 65%. Hash decides to brashly hit Fury in a trade taking 1% and watches as Fury uses cyclone twice off the stage and self-destructs. The score is 9-8, Team Cody is still down by 1.

Battle #24: HashSlasher0311 and Mr. Collazo start off evenly trading many different attacks. Hash starts taking a slight lead when an up-throw into d-tilt somehow combos. He tries for a signature roll-out, but Collazo d-airs him out of it. A forward smash from Collazo evens the game. Another attempt at roll out has Hash take even more damage. The next roll-out is interrupted by an egg. Collazo and Hash try landing powerful finishers, but none seem to connect. Eventually the two make a might trade, Hash takes an up-smash while Collazo takes a f-air and unsurprisingly, Collazo wins the trade with both stocks and 141%. The score is 8-8, we have another tie.

Battle #25: The battle starts with Dimento98 getting 70% on Collazo before being hit. Collazo rolls near the ledge which lets Dimento hit him with a forward smash KOing him while only taking 7%. Collazo tries retaliating with eggs, but it only gets him so far. Dimento gets a bit too comfortable though and Collazo takes advantage by hitting him with eggs and aerial attacks that give Dimento much percent. Collazo though starts getting comfortable and is hit by side-Bs. Collazo gets Dimento to kill percents and tries closing the stock with a fair into up-smash, but the smash attack misses. The rage given though lets Dimento land a down-smash and destroy Collazo having both stocks and 115%. The score is 8-6 with Team Believe in the lead trying to finish the war.

Battle #26: Dimento and Zens have a close-range battle to start off. Things look bad for Dimento when he takes both a forward smash and Up-B head on. Zens knocks Dimento in the air and keeps her up there with two consecutive blade beams and a down-tilt, and then Zens lands an u-air before Dimento falls. Shortly after Zens kills with a forward smash. Dimento hits Zens with a side-B, but gives him limit and proceeds to run into the neutral B limit. Zens tries another Up-B, but Dimento is prepared with a shield and punishes with an u-air. A missed forward smash from Zens lets Dimento kill him. After a while and Zens takes 62% he gets the limit and ends Dimento run by a limit Up-B. The score is now 6-5 with Team Believe winning, but it still being a Fight To The Finish.

Battle #27: Both ViLL and Zens start off keeping their distance and landing light hits. Zens gets a bit careless though and ViLL's rapid smash attacks eventually end up hitting him + giving decent damage. The two end up trading hits again and again, ViLL uses an up-smash which seemed like it would end Zens, but it didn't and gave him his limit... which Zens proceeds  to waste by jumping off stage to try to gimp ViLL after ViLL gave him previous trouble off stage. ViLL throws out a gyroid which Zens jumps into and into a d-tilt which kills him. ViLL has both stocks only taking 96%. The score is 6-4, Team Cody only has two players left while Team Believe has 3.

Battle #28: The battle starts with consecutive up-smashes from ViLL while RawKnee goes crazy with Falcon Kicks. After enough time RawKnee pulls away while ViLL fans behind. ViLL tries planting a tree, but RawKnee hits him with a down-smash taking the stock. After a while ViLL pulls himself together to put RawKnee in kill percent, but he starts getting more percent as well. ViLL keeps trying to use back-throws, but to no avail. RawKnee tries styling with a Falcon Punch, but ViLL slingshots him taking the stock.  After shielding a side-B, Vill eats a forward smash kiling him and leaving RawKnee at 8% of his last stock. The score is 4-3, Team Believe is up, but a comeback is possible.

Battle #29: The battle starts off with a few jabs from RawKnee, but Regulus gets him with a mechakoopa explosion into fair chain. Regulus gets RawKnee off stage and punishes his recovery with a jab combo before trying to go for a foolish gimp. RawKnee knocks Regulus off the stage and tries a gimp which is rewarded with Regulus hitting him with a forward smash. Back on stage RawKnee tries a side-B, but meets Regulus' bair. A Falcon kick from Raw is met with another bair. A down-smash from RawKnee puts Regulus near kill percent, but RawKnee is already in it and another forward smash hitting him almost ends the battle. Regulus keeps adding damage to RawKnee, which eventually lets a back-throw end it. Regulus took 112% damage with both stocks. The score is 4-2, Team Believe is in the lead and Team Cody is on their LAST PLAYER!

Battle #30: Regulus quickly racks up damage on Linda, but Linda uses a hammer and fair to close the gap. Linda knocks Regulus off stage and reads the roll get-up attack and jabs away. After some more damage Linda starts to pull away and with certain risks like rolling behind Regulus' forward smash she increases her lead. Although after more chip damage Regulus gets a down-smash on Linda killing her since she is Mr. Game and Watch. Linda is on Team Cody's last stock. Eventually an up-smash takes out Regulus' first stock and they both have one stock with Linda only having 28%. Regulus calms down though and while he starts getting more percent lands some hits on Game and Watch to come close to victory. This is re-assured with a mechakoopa into fair chain knocking Linda off stage and entering triple digits percent. Linda tanks many attacks, but in the end a lone up-air kills Linda and ends the war.


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