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Falcon's 200th Tournament Festival: Champions Draft

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All the champions are here, but why does that mean they should reap all the rewards? Welcome to the Champions Draft, a surprising side-event to a side-event (talk about side-ception). The Champions Draft is a competition open to everyone regardless of whether they are a tournament champion, played in a tournament before or are newcomers. For those that have done draft picks or March Madness it's a similar concept, but with the tournament champions. If you aren't familiar with the Champions Bracket you can find more information here.

If you're trying to access the bracket, please see here.

If you haven't checked out the bracket above, take a look at it since that will be what the draft is based off of. The goal of the Champions Draft is predicting which champions will do well in the Champions Bracket. Since there is a 111 players, I'm going to simplify this process by making it so you only have to predict the Top 8. If you're unfamiliar with making bracket picks, your goal is to look at that bracket and then predict who will be in the Top 8 (from the Winner Quarter-Finals onwards). In this event you don't need to worry about predicting who loses to who in Round 1, but rather predict the Top 8.

-Once the bracket is live on November 22nd, you will have until Monday, November 26th at 11:59 PM Eastern to predict who will get a Top 8.
-You can either post it in this thread or message me your picks on Discord (FalconXD#7065).
-You can either draw out the bracket tree on paper or using Challonge, or you can just make a list ranking 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 5th, 5th, 5th, and 5th.
-You can change your predictions as much as you like, but come the deadline whatever you have down will get recorded and is final for the tournament.

There will be two types of scoring, one score for predicting a player making it into the Top 8, and scoring for properly predicting which rank they will get. The first type of scoring involves predicting the Top 8 combatants and as an interesting twist, PREDICTING PLAYERS IN THE TOP 8 WILL AWARD YOU AS MANY POINTS AS THEIR SEED! This will have an interesting strategy component as you must pick your seeds wisely to get points while being accurate. There are two sides to this, sure Thunda might be a likely pick since he is the #1 seed, but him making it to Top 8 only will net you 1 point. Meanwhile if you get a bit riskier and pick somebody like Believe who is a #104 seed the chances are much lower that he will make it into the Top 8, but if he does that will be 104 points for you! The other type of scoring will be predicting when the Top 8 gets knocked out, if a champion is successfully predicted in 5th place the predicter will earn 1 point, if they predict champions in 3rd place they will earn 2 points, if they predict the runner up they will earn 3 points, and if they pick the champion of champions they will earn 5 points.

HP Bars:

HP Bars:
Thunda - 13 HP
Falcon - 10 HP
David E. - 8 HP
Alexa, Gman - 6 HP
Shado, Raheem The Dream - 5 HP
DeSean, Manuel, Yoshinendo, Rina, $ean, Jolteon, Killer, Nickyg23 - 3 HP
YAHA, Anti-Falcon, Jesse, Kyle, AALegends, S-BLAZE, Souji, Crusher, Ben, Marv, Snicks, Forbidden, Black Star - Pavel, Realms, SuperFlame - 2 Wins
Ein, Rem, Kwiz, Tem, Mal, Itachi, Koop, Mega, Zoom/Mr. Dean, Zero, LR*Master, JustNikky, Death, Pikachu24Fan, Fade, Kotejimo, Elefish, Marq, Trevor, Joshark, Game, DreamKnight, K9, Kiraflax, Brandon, Vantox, Starz, Jack, Ugly, Maleficent, ntarps, Adept69, Drover, Rexi, Mayor, Kyle24, Ali, AbsoluteZer0Nova, TopCat, DK Master, Nightmare, PentaSalad, Kentos, Arvo, Crazi, Grapes, Yoshimo, Admiral iFox, Votega, Taka, LRAStart, El_Glug, Pooterhead, ATATA, Spirunk, Fusion, Meteor_Orbit, Shadow5594, Master PUFFY, SVP, Leaf, Jamesb2696, Cyziax, Swordlegacy, Dimento98, Adamsicle, BlazerKirby, Believe, Chuyramosfregoso, KY, J_yaRR, Ignite, t0mmy, t1mmy, Mango, Shadow, MariyoTree, Graph1cs, ChrisP, DirtyDoyle, CptnMario - 1 HP

Whichever person(s) has the highest score when the Champions Bracket concludes will win a festival ticket that will be part of the grand prize lottery drawing on December 9th. If you have any questions or concerns, free free to ask. Good luck and get predicting!

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Believe privately messaged me his bracket and since he is the only entrant he will be the one to win the ticket. Out of curiosity to see how it's go, I will post his picks here which is:

1st: SuperFlame
2nd: Legacy
3rd: Mega
3rd: t0mmy
5th: Thunda
5th: Aro
5th: FalconXD
5th: YAHA

I might post pictures later, but know that he actually printed out the full bracket and gave full predictions. As a result I'm giving him the festival ticket for this event. Draft picks will be closed and let's get the Champions Bracket going!

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