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Falcon's 200th Tournament Festival: Anti-Falcon's Tower Of Hell

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*launch ANTI-WORM into Falcon's network port*
*convert Falcon's computer into a zombie*
*connect zombie to C&C Server*
*hijacking Falcon is successful, the computer is all your's boss*


Hello you inferior peasants, it has been a while as I have been staying incognito; however, I'm back and it's time to paint this tournament red with your blood. HAHAHAHA! I'm getting a bit ahead of myself though, for those that haven't been around, the name is Anti-Falcon and I conveniently hijacked Falcon's account. I'm Falcon's evil and superior half copied from his DNA, I would go into my backstory a bit more, but where's the fun in that? Also what kind of moronic evil-doer focuses on their backstory so much that they let their plans get foiled? Anyway, enough about me and why I'm here. I don't know how that half-wit managed to get up to 200 tournaments, but here we are. So I decided, why let him think everything is in control when it isn't? Thus I decided to create a perfect event to torment you tournament competitors which I call... ANTI-FALCON'S TOWER OF HELL!


So how does this tower work? I'll put it in a simple way that you lower beings can understand. I have constructed a tower with 100 levels. Each floor pertains to a different Super Mario Maker level that I hijacked from another creator because why would I waste my efforts trying to build human traps when I can steal them from other's that already made it. HAHAHAHAHA. The floors start off painful and then get even more painful. Once you're near the top you better be ready for absolute madness. The goal will be to climb the tower as fast as you puny meatbags can and get higher than any other inferior being.

-This little experiment will take place on Mario Maker, you must use it to participate in the Tower Of Hell. It doesn't matter which version you peasants use, but the Wii-U one is apparently the superior version since the scatter-brains at Nintendo made a 3DS version with less features than an older model (talk about a joke).
-The tower's floor plan will get revealed on Friday, November 23rd whenever I feel like it, this floor plan will have all the level codes you need to enter in order to play a floor.
-Once you beat a floor you must post a picture in this thread or send it to FalconXD#7065 on Discord to show that you beat the level (get a picture of you clearing the stage). No picture and it doesn't count, so take a picture with something better than a potato.
-You must clear the floors in order, it's a linear tower you can't just teleport your way around each floor foolish competitors.
-You will have until December 7th, 11:59 PM Eastern to get as high as you can up the tower and so far from what I'm seeing it shouldn't be too high up.
-Rules are subject to change when necessary or if I want to heckle you inferior peasants more.

Whichever competitor(s) can reach the highest floor will win a festival ticket I stole from Falcon. You can use this to get that lackluster grand prize that dolt TO is offering up. Good luck and try to keep up, HAHAHAHA!

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