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Fish Import Pack Part 1

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Designer:  Thom

Credits:  The models and skin are from a free 3d model website.

Requires:  MM

Public Domain:   Yes

Language:  Dutch & English

Bugs:  The eggs float on water.

Description:   This pack contains 10 fish - Betta, Lionhead, Moor, Blue Grass Guppy, Bluegill, Redhead Cichlid, Turquoise Discus, Amur Catfish, Fluvial Sculpin and Siamese Tigerfish.


All of my previously released fish are now able to lay eggs, eat and use the kelp bed to rest. As a bonus I also gave the herring of my Formidable Fishes pack schooling behavior


*The size of the fish in this video is not correct, but don't worry Thom changed it.



Edited by SLGray

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The pack has been updated.

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