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FBTH's Pokemon Project - ZTCC

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I have felt terrible for just fading away from the Zoo Tycoon modding scene. I got overwhelmed with life, but I really hope to make a come back with this!

Designed by me, the original sprites are done by GameFreak. They and Nintendo are the owner of the Pokemon property.

All of these have been redone with updated info pictures and descriptions to fix spelling errors and to add more detail. This is version 1.05, the original was made in 2010-2012, and updated in 2018 for Zoo Tycoon Pack created by me, FBTH.

Updates in this version:
-New Descriptions
-New Description pictures
-Actual Pokemon Cries instead of in-game audio
-Blue berry tree
-Green berry tree
-Snowy Red tree
-Snowy Green  tree
-Snowy Blue tree

Along with the original pack I did back in 2010-2012:
-Red berry tree

To-do list for version 1.1:

-Add rocks
-Add more trees
-Add Pikachu
-Add Psyduck
-Add Growlithe
-Add Charizard
-Add Blastoise
-Add Venasaur
-Add Beedrill with Kakuna as the baby form
-Add Butterfree with Metapod as the baby form
-Add shinies as the female variation for subsequent Pokemon. Unless I find the old sprite sheet for the original 3 Pokemon

Link to download: MEGA Download Link


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@Fbth wrote:

Thank you so much for this reintroduction to your classic mod. I cannot wait to display Pokemon in my zoos once more.

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Locked.  If you want it open again, please send a PM to an Administrator.

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