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The KLE 500! On going project.

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Well technically its a on going project, not like other peoples projects ( well for now! ) Basically brought it as a runner to use during the colder/wetter/winter months.. So what was the plan for the bike?

Sort out the forks
Exhaust focked
Clutch a little dodgy
and... convert into a supermoto!

So how did it all start? bit like this

Not too bad looking, just needed a little bit of tidying and work doing on it to get it running properly..

Exhaust was shagged beyond repair, search for a stainless system was on ( £400+ for a not so good flowing system? no thanks!! )

bit of rubbing and a lick of paint on the frame to cover up the nasty spots

rear hangers were oxidizing badly, paint flaking off and part snapped off, so time to sort them out!

So whats it looking like now with a bit of work done? Well here we go.. Gaitors on the forks, seals done in the forks, bar ends, grips, new pod filters to get me out of trouble, carbs fully stripped and cleaned, new stainless exhaust fitted, new gaskets, rear panel fixed so actually secures..

Oh and got air box on its way, free flow filter so hopefully the surging and flat spot will be cured ( easier than messing with jets! i know its either 118, 120, 125 or 130 main jet needed but its only gunna be my work bike after all!! ) oh and being the earlier 91-96 kle the air box has a bigger snorkle on it allowing more air into the carbs ( also #112 jets not the #96 & #98 as the newer ones )

I know theres a few bits i need to do still.. like get the inside of the tank sorted as its rusty as feck!!!

Oh and the cooling system has gone tits up.. so the bike is currently looking like this lol

Once the funds allow will be a new 17" front rim laced up to the stock hub with new disc/caliper.

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Nothing major to be done then, quite easy really affraidaffraid . Will keep an eye open for the pics. Keep 'em coming thumbs

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hehe, getting there with it! got the exhaust sorted properly today ( now sits flat under the engine ) found out SBS now sell the exhaust for kle ( same one i got, must be a proto type? Very Happy ) just over £300 inc postage :|

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