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1989 gsxr250

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right its not getting done, its taking up room i think im going to sell it.

its a 1989 gsxr250 project, paintworks crap but a good base to be done properly. (letting a mate loose with a spray gun)

it doesnt run, its the ignition pickup, so no spark, but has had all new oil and filters.

only parts missing are the new pickup, which may fix and a petrol cap. does need a good clean but is very good nick for something thats sat for 9 years.

very rare 20k reving 4 cylinder 250 jap bike.

it doesnt have the log book as i havent applied for it but i can do this asap, but a full receipt will be given.

after £500 as it is,

or £600 and ill paint it all nice.

making a loss on this but its in the way and cant see it getting done very soon. :/

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