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A Patriot's Love

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A Patriots Love

As we stare at the horror, of what others have done
We cry tears of sorrow, and heartache for those who are gone.
Twin towers may fall, but a love so strong unites the land and a need
to give a helping hand is born, to love, care and share all that we are, with our brothers torn.

Seeing the ocean rise in fury, we raise our arms in prayer for our brothers
across the land. Loads of clothing, food medicine, and a helping hand, from praise worthy
individuals who sing our National Anthem.

The ocean's a whirl. The wind's and water's twirl. finally hitting and
filling our land with misery and death. Our People mourning, at that last breath.
We once again lift our hearts and hands in sorrow, and the need for
a better tomorrow. With our hearts full of regret, we will spend time,
effort and sweat, rebuilding our land, and giving a helping hand, food,
clothing, money and love comes from a united land, that will work until
the land succumbs to our loving hand.

We are a united people, people who have come from

different lands, to a place that cherishes freedom, a freedom we fight for and die for.

A freedom we share and try to teach our fellow man.

A freedom that allows us to give of ourselves unselfishly. When needs across our world

arise, we are there, we give unto you, with the open arms and hearts of...

The American people!

I love my Country and I am proud to be American!

Poem Copyright:copyright:2006/2011Sandra Moore

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