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Missing Someone Special By (tozin D Prof)

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How Really Can I Express
How Deeply I Miss You
Words Can't Really Reveal
My True Emotion

Your Smile Really Make Me
Knows How Worthy Am I
It Truely Make My World
Worth Living

What About That Beautiful
Set Of Teeth Of Yours
It Shows Me Truly
The Real Beautiful Creature God Has Made

Your Coming Into My World
Is Really What I Can't Talk About
Meeting You Gave Me Courage And Feelings To Get What I Want

Your Innocence Have Done A Huge Turn Around In Me
You May Not Know Your Worth
But Ignorantly, U Are Someone's Source Of Joy
What Can I Do, To Make Your World

All I Care, Is Seeing You Every Day
All I Want, Is Being By My Side
All I Desire, Is Giving Me That Hopeful Smile Of Yours
All I Need, Is Your Presence

My Love For You, Is Like A Brother To Sister
I May Not Be Your Man, But I Value You More Than Gold
I Value Our Frienship More Than Anything You Can Think Of.
I Really Fall For The Being In You

You Are My Source Of Inspiration
If I Should Write, I Won't Be Able To Hold Back
Being With You Has Open My Eye

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