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  1. *COMPOSED BY TOZIN D PROF* *Extracted From Tozin Collection* life going by and there coming tro and fro how unfair is it, you are never sweet nor bitter, everything seem round me frustrate the soul in my body,feeling sad and depress in the kind of situation i am crying topping my eyes, but man it up feeling to run away from home but where do i start wanting to commit suicide but how am i going to face my creator hmn ! life is so indifference everything keeping complicated round me no joy, no smile, no happiness trying to frame up, but get entangled thinking about the future, but the present isn't encouraging suffering from black mentality too much wisdom killing me gradually every word in the poem secretly entails my feeling reading it can't really know my true write up.
  2. Meeting You The First Time Was Thing I Can't Talk About Face Looks Familiar But Can't Remmember Where We Met Setting Eyes On You Make Me Remmember The Queen Days The Day Seeing You, Make It Unique You Are All I Care, You Are What I Want You Never Know How Painful It Is How Sorrowful I Be, When I Never See You Seeing You Put Me High In Spirit And Comfort Rejecting My Proposal Makes Life miserable If Love Can Kill, I Would Have Been Good As Dead If Love Hurts, Wounds And Bruises Will Be All Over My Body Pity My Self-being, It's Really Freaking Me Out Caring And Lovely Are Your Attribute Let Me Feel Them And My Heart Rejoice What I Have For You Is Love And Not Lust expectant from you to me is your returns words i speak, reveal trully my emotion message from me to you shows my intention not meant to devour you but come together so our vision come realised. #tozin d prof. one love
  3. How Really Can I Express How Deeply I Miss You Words Can't Really Reveal My True Emotion Your Smile Really Make Me Knows How Worthy Am I It Truely Make My World Worth Living What About That Beautiful Set Of Teeth Of Yours It Shows Me Truly The Real Beautiful Creature God Has Made Your Coming Into My World Is Really What I Can't Talk About Meeting You Gave Me Courage And Feelings To Get What I Want Your Innocence Have Done A Huge Turn Around In Me You May Not Know Your Worth But Ignorantly, U Are Someone's Source Of Joy What Can I Do, To Make Your World All I Care, Is Seeing You Every Day All I Want, Is Being By My Side All I Desire, Is Giving Me That Hopeful Smile Of Yours All I Need, Is Your Presence My Love For You, Is Like A Brother To Sister I May Not Be Your Man, But I Value You More Than Gold I Value Our Frienship More Than Anything You Can Think Of. I Really Fall For The Being In You You Are My Source Of Inspiration If I Should Write, I Won't Be Able To Hold Back Being With You Has Open My Eye
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