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A Sister For Me

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Meeting You The First Time
Was Thing I Can't Talk About
Face Looks Familiar But Can't Remmember Where We Met

Setting Eyes On You
Make Me Remmember The Queen Days
The Day Seeing You, Make It Unique

You Are All I Care, You Are What I Want
You Never Know How Painful It Is
How Sorrowful I Be, When I Never See You
Seeing You Put Me High In Spirit And Comfort

Rejecting My Proposal Makes Life miserable
If Love Can Kill, I Would Have Been Good As Dead
If Love Hurts, Wounds And Bruises Will Be All Over My Body
Pity My Self-being, It's Really Freaking Me Out

Caring And Lovely Are Your Attribute
Let Me Feel Them And My Heart Rejoice
What I Have For You Is Love And Not Lust
expectant from you to me is your returns

words i speak, reveal trully my emotion
message from me to you shows my intention
not meant to devour you but come together
so our vision come realised.
#tozin d prof.
one love

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