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    Creator(s) : Ulquiorra Original Creator(s) : Jannick Language(s) : English Expansions Required : ES, EA Bugs : None Credits : Jannick ( base Model), Ludozoo (head), Tyranachu (skins) Description : Nqwebasaurus, the basal-most ornithomimosaur from South Africa is now available, complete with fossils. Number of Variants : 14 (7 female, 7 male) Public Domain? Yes Permission to Reupload ? Yes Original Model? No Original Sounds? Yes Baby Variants? No Baby Model? Yes Zoopedia? Yes Nqwebasaurus.z2f
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    Creator/Designer/Author: Laura 'Tamara' Henson Original Creator: Blue Fang Language: English Bugs/Information/Notes: This pack contains the Filter for the Countries of the World Expansion Pack. It will load all of the Continent Mini-Packs under one entry: Countries of the World. This allows the animals to be easily found in game. Requirements: ZT2 Countries of the World Filter.zip
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