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    Here is a list of Prehistoric Animals that I'd Like to see in ZT2 PRIMATES & APES 1. Dinopithecus 2. Aegyptopithecus 3. Proconsul CATS : 1. European jaguar or Panthera gombaszoegensis 2. Acinonyx pardinensis or The Giant Cheetah 3. Dinictis 4. Megantereon DOGS\WOLFS 1. Epicyon 2. Cave wolf 3. Beringian wolf HYENAS : 1. Cave hyena SNAKES : 1. Sanajeh indicus - The Baby-Dino eater!! 2. Gigantophis garstini BIRDS OF PREY 1. Apatosagittarius : The extinct cousin of the Secretary Bird! 2. Neogyps errans 3. Garganoaetus freudenthali 4. Woodward's eagle 5. Palaeohierax gervaisii - An extinct genus of Hawk STORKS : 1. Asphalt Stork (Ciconia maltha) The 3rd Stork 2. Ciconia Gaudryi the 4th one! UNGULATES : 1. ancient or antique bison 2. Cervocerus novorossiae 3. Propotamochoerus 4. Listriodon This is my list of Prehistoric-Fauna that I thought should be added to the game... feel free to comment/discuss what you think of this list!! Waiting for your suggestions Cheers! ;-)
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    Creator: Laura 'Tamara' Henson Original Creator: The following people need to be credited for the use of their models and original coding... Ultamateterex2 for the lion mesh, Dinosaurman/Hendrix for the Adult and Old sambar deer, Cosmius for the indian giant squirrel, Bunyupy for the leopard and the Juvenile and Young sambar deer, and Jimmz Hoopz for the jungle cat. Requires: African Adventure for the Jungle Cat and Endangered Species for the Sambar Deer Public Domain: Yes but credit the original designers for the mesh. Language: English Bugs: none Description: A remake of five of the animals from the original Countries of the World: India. It contains the Asiatic Lion, Indian leopard, Indian Giant Squirrel, Jungle Cat, and Sambar deer. Screenshots: Asiatic Lion Indian Leopard Indian giant squirrel Jungle Cat Sambar Adult & Juvenile Asiatic Lion.z2f Indian Giant Squirrel.z2f Jungle Cat.z2f Sambar Deer.z2f x999_Indian Leopard.z2f
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    Creator: Tamara Henson Original Creator: As in all my packs many people need to be credited for donating the models used in this expansion. Credit goes to Duch Designs for the eland model, Aurora Design's RR Ibex for the Sennar Roan Antelope, Longisquama for the Artiodactyla waterbuck mesh, and Jannek for his Mountain Nyala mesh used both for that animal and the Bushbuck. Requires: most animals just need ZT2 but the Waterbuck and Eland may need AA. Public Domain: Only the Roan antelope mesh is Public Domain. Language: English Bugs: Many of the animals do not blink their eyes. The blink behavior caused a bug and was thus removed. Description: This is another update for Countries of the World: Ethiopia featuring five unusual ungulates. Screenshots: The Kewel or Menelik Bushbuck The Common (Livingstone's) Eland The Sennar Roan Antelope The Defassa Waterbuck Highland Mountain Nyala Common Eland.z2f Defassa Waterbuck.z2f Highland Mt. Nyala.z2f Menelik Kewel.z2f Sennar Roan Antelope.z2f
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