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    My favorite animal is megatherium
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    Creator: Laura 'Tamara' Henson Original Creator: Manut and Tyranachu for the rat-kangaroo model and Z-Studios for the phantom kangaroo ride, black cat ride and spirit tree models. Requires: Endangered Species for some of the trees. Public Domain: Yes but credit the original designers for the meshes. Language: English Bugs: Some of the items and trees have no names. Description: A remake of the Awesome Australia filter pack. It contains all the items from the original AWAU (Boomarang Wall, Thylacoleo fountain, and Bouncy rides)and adds a new food item (Fungi)and six new plants: Coolabah Tree, Snow Gum Tree, Jarrah Tree, Sweet Myrtle Tree, Nightcap Oak tree, and Bunya Pine Tree. Screenshots: Items and Foliage Gilbert's potaroo and new fungi/mushroom food Gilbert's Potaroo.z2f x999_AWAU_items.z2f
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