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    My favorite animal is Domestic Cat
  2. 1 point
    There are some really outstanding sculptures here :)
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    My favorite animal is Tyrannosaurus Rex
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    My favorite animal is Leopard Gecko.
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    Countries of the World: Indonesia Designer: Tamara Henson Original Creator: Many talented designers need to be credited for the models, base skins, and original coding used to create this project, give thanks to... Dinosaurman/Hendrix for his Badger, Boa Constrictor, Raven Pangolin, Muntjak and Orangutan(With Longisquama), Chicken (with German 13), and RR Gibbon; Eryel for the Rhinoceros, and (with Maximillian, and Zerosvalmont) for the Asian elephant model and base skin; lgcfm for the Stoat; Sim'Z for his African wild dog; Zoocrazy y Lights for his jaguarundi; Zerosvalmont for the dingo pup model; Zeros y Chucha for his Flying Fox; and Z-Studio for their Giant Rat. Requires: African Adventures, Endangered Species, Marine Mania, and Radical Remake's new biomes. The colugo may need DM's bat. Public Domain: Yes Language: English Bugs: The Green jungle fow's crow sometimes does not sound. Rarly the orangutan will glitch and not give birth. Saving the game during pregnancy and then reloading it sometimes fixes this glich. Description: 15 animals native to Indonesia, including those endemic to Borneo and Sumatria. Screenshots: Bay cat Blood Python Bornean Bristlehead Bornean Elephant Bornean Rhinoceros Bornean Yellow Muntjac Green Junglefowl Malayan Colugo/Sunda Flying Lemur Malaysian Weasel Muller's gibbon Sumatran Dhole Sumatran Orangutan Sumatrian Giant Rat Sunda Pangolin Sunda Stink Badger Bay Cat.z2f Blood Python.z2f Bornean Bristlehead.z2f Bornean Elephant.z2f Bornean Rhinoceros.z2f Bornean Yellow Muntjac.z2f Green Junglefowl.z2f Malayan Colugo.z2f Malayan Weasel.z2f Muller's Gibbon.z2f Sumatran Dhole.z2f Sumatran Orangutan.z2f Sumatrian Giant Rat.z2f Sunda Pangolin.z2f Sunda Stink Badger.z2f
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    Designer: Ringo “This is a reskin for the Dodo, instead the blue random one from EA, it feathers are brown and the beak orange, with the young variant that keeps the original skin from EA, we also reskined the sick and dirty skins. A Dodo family in its exhibit. A single dodo. A dodo eating the gastrolite. Dodos drinking water A Dodo chick reskin. A dirty Dodo skin. We tried to give it a lil' more realsim, I hope you enjoy it, this is our first project.” zzzzzdodoreskinR.z2f
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    Designer: Whalebite Original Creator: Feral Designs, Bethesda Softworks, and Picturres from various sources on Google Images Requires: ZT2 Public Domain: No, Need Feral Designs permission Language: English Bugs: Description: These are great for depth in an indoor exhibit, like reptile houses, nocturnal exhibits, and aquariums Screenshot: zzzz-Exhibit Backgrounds.z2f
  8. 1 point
    Author: Satchellwk Requires: African Adventures Language: English Note: This is a smaller copy of the reptile pool, which is perfect for smaller reptiles, especially ones in indoor exhibits. Pictures: Small Reptile Pool.z2f
  9. 1 point
    Designer: Penguinman and Budgielover101 The pack contains the following objects: ElementsPack.zip
  10. 1 point
    Designer: Whalebite Original Creator: Feral Designs, Bethesda Softworks, and Pictures from various sources on Google Images. Requires: ZT2 Public Domain: No, Need Feral Designs permission Language: English Bugs: Description: Screenshot: zzzz-Conservation Sign Pack 1.z2f
  11. 1 point
    Designer: Whalebite Original Creator: Requires: MM, EA, WWD New Blood, AD Biomes Public Domain: Yes Language: English Bugs: Fish don't breed Description: Ever wanted a prehistoric freshwater aquarium in your prehistoric park, well now you can. Contents: Phareodus encaustus Knightia eocaena Diplomystus dentatus zzz-Green River Formation Fish.z2f
  12. 1 point
    Designer: Killers2 Requires: ZT2 and any expansion - May need ES for compost included hack. Language: English/Any Delete the Poop Hack This does 3 things: 1. It allows you to delete poop and trash using the construction icon (bulldozer). 2. It pays you $100.00 for each pile of poop or piece trash you delete. 3. Removes the bad smell from poop and trash and the compost building! Now no matter how much poop is in a exhibit animals will not complain about being in a dirty exhibit and neither will the guest, and of course no "this trash stinks or dirty zoo" messages either! Money will show up under recycling. Note: This is not a bug, but you will not get paid for poop or trash cleaned up by Staff unless you place a compost building. Now I have used version 2 of the compost building's file so you may need ES in order to use that hack. But you can always try and see! Pictures: X880_200.z2f MD5: 7e2996dfdb2c119fa5011474f319cc57 Contains only the files necessary to delete poop and trash and will work for any EP. X880_201.z2f MD5: d708715f7e9a0ee4102c91b970d69fb4 Contains the files necessary to delete poop and trash as well as remove the odor from the compost building. This hack may require ES to work. X880_200.z2f X880_201.z2f
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    Creator/Designer/Author:Laura 'Tamara' Henson Original Creator: Blue Fang Language: English Bugs/Information/Notes: Two cartoon classics for your game. Coyote comes in several skins including Wile E. Coyote, Ralph Wolf, Calamity Coyote, Tech E. Coyote and Tabaqui the jackal. Roadrunner comes in his usual blue shade, the 'Zipping Along' green variant, Little Beeper orange, and Rev Runner red. Requirements: ZT2, AA Picture: Beep Beep.z2f Wile E Coyote.z2f
  14. 1 point
    Designer: Tapir Notes: The skin is a little bit brighter in a newer version, which is this one, and that pic is a little bit older version. He also has a homicidal psycho jungle cat variant skin, if you have read the comic book. hobbes.z2f
  15. 1 point
    Designer: Coder - Sneke_bite Skinner - Sneke_bite Mesher - A mesh based on DinosaurMan's original snake Original Creator: DinosaurMan Language: English Requirements: Endangered Species Picture: Bugs: It has no name and zoopedia Blue Fang Snake.z2f
  16. 1 point
    Creator: Ulquiorra / Koiking Credits: ZTABC (models & skins) Requires: ES, AA, MM, EA, AVES, Wild China, Ulquiorra's Goose Pack and Ulquiorra's Duck Pack Public Domain: Yes Language: English Picture: SilkieChicken.z2f
  17. 1 point
    Designer: Kingcobrasaurus Description: This useful hack resizes the glacier, so it is not excruciatingly huge. It also makes it so that boreal animals can use the glacier or misty spring, but not the tar pit. The misty spring and tar pit are made slightly smaller too. ZZZZZ-Biome Enhancers.z2f
  18. 1 point
    Author: Kingcobrasaurus Update: Removed Dutch Language Hoatzin.z2f
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