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  1. how much for the racoon and both bunny outfits?
  2. Active players who partake in Hideneni xD. Facebook Stef, I hope this helps, you get started.... please...don't ever hesitate to ask questions....we are all here for you I am kiviern04 ....sparkie is my pets name ....see you around PSFC and soon around PS
  3. all items sent and received, many thanks. rep added Sure thing Chay
  4. Hey, If anyone could help with Salmon, Wasabi, Seaweed and Prawn. Need tons XD. Will send items back
  5. Unfortunately I've already sold them to Riuna. All items sent and received, many thanks . rep added
  6. must get dinosaur plushies xD *goes back to reading Jurassic Park*
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