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Joseph De Luca

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  1. Can you help him find the right area to post
  2. By reporting it and staying on top of it and making the point clear is always best and hopes that @pianogirlone2 thank you for your part and doing the right thing by reporting, asking for help and at times leaving the areas for those that are not that respectful especially BULLYING I am strongly behind that as I was bulled throughout my life not as much anymore
  3. Same here as it does happen and even though its a pain sometimes to have to remove and block people sometimes that's something you are left to doing or as you mentioned just leave all together
  4. Thank you for following me


    1. pianogirlone2


      No problem 👍

    2. Joseph De Luca
  5. SLGray got you covered as that is the way to sign out of the area
  6. I notice that scroll options ever where had a bug , me I cleared my history, did small reset, waited a few days and bam scroll working again,, then again I only use chrome. More bugs have happened thus far from phones to computers, I looked in the community boards and found that everyone had some sort of issues every where. Thank you Clubber for taking a look at the scroll options in the left side ...
  7. I am noticing no scroll bars on many sites , must be some bug out there or the person who codes the pages forget to add the scroll option Also took note the my mouse seem to loss it scroll capability there has to be a known bug out there, or it could be the apps and extensions in place as well ,, so starting from simple to complex I will come to see what the issue is
    what cool set RPG-text based forum I like to thank Hans Royal H I am very much excited to being a recruit
  8. Joseph De Luca

    JDL Photo Album

    We all need inspiration and motivation to keep our spirits up when needed so I create or find as many as I can and add as I go along Other photos are things I am working on, have special ideas, supporting and/or assisting on and much more
  9. No offence, but you know this is mainly where ZT2'ers (Zoo Tycoon 2 players) chat about stuff?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Joseph De Luca

      Joseph De Luca

      @Matt Von Wenden   I didnt know that this was for ZT2 I posted that I was new to this fourmsclub and didnt know it filtered off some where so meant no harm or anything

    3. Matt Von Wenden

      Matt Von Wenden

      Na, it's ok, it's just this  place seems to be a new place where ZT2'ers usually do stuff ?

    4. Joseph De Luca

      Joseph De Luca

      Thats cool that there is a place to head to and interact and see & read everything.. Look forward to staying in touch as that is always a pleasure and honor ...  

  10. Version 1.0.0


    When I create excitement and see all the great views , likes, love, and comments , well they all get a top mention and what better way to doing it with video as we all should know its all about Video content along with many other things...
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Adding more as I go along soon there be many that will be set for a private selection to those that like a bit more understanding on how to do what I done without spending a dime.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    More YouTube videos to come and creating much content on many things This is what I do best and have my own juice to what I do to making a difference that many others have said and continue to say
  13. Just joined the ForumsClub so lets see what becomes of this and see how it will all work or how long it will last and such

    1. Joseph De Luca

      Joseph De Luca

      Yes I to do see that and adding as I go along so this be another one that I must
      bookmark so that I can relocate and update more as I go along , and thank you for the warm thank you...

    2. Joseph De Luca

      Joseph De Luca

      Thank you SLGray for the likes and to following me more to come now that I made the updates needed 

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