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  1. imastar

    plz close :D xx

    Moving up for closing xx
  2. no problem glad u got one :friends:
  3. i have one hun but no idea what they are worth i think they were 6000 in store coins so what about 7x999s or is that too much
  4. Thanks imastar. Sorry for the delay due to time differences. Have sent you the shirt. =) recived the shirt hun thankyou :friends:
  5. Hey all this is just a bit of fun for us all as we cant gift as such yet so cant send fish bowls and lava lamps yet but we can send roses ................ u can pick between red blue or orange all u need to do is tell me my fav dish to cook in cafe world and i will send the roses to you :friends: i know its not much yet but when the gifting starts we can win great prizes then :friends: so play along and have fun :friends: :friends:
  6. i know i also love them a fantastic time of yr there are loads on the bliss channel on sky xx
  7. well im sat here flicking thought the music channels and bliss have christmas sounds on i love christmas mustc all of it but my fav is the pouges - fairy tale in new york :sun_bespectacl :sun_bespectacl whats yours ??
  8. well junt not i have teen spirit _nervada on but i think i may be flicking thought the channels lol xx
  9. imastar

    plz close :D xx

    sorry hun carnival decos sold out :friends:
  10. imastar

    plz close :D xx

    hey hun dragon bat bench is sold but i have all others plz ffer :friends:
  11. im sending u the items u need to finish your collection :friends:
  12. accepted and sending now for u LDxx
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