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  1. Oh, yeah I can't make icons yet sadly. It took me lot of time to make that awfull female icon, and I haven't got patience to mess with male icon, so I left it as it was. I might fix it in some update, along with juvenile and baby skin, but not in closest future
  2. You're welcome^^ I will share some my other mods here as well
  3. Designer:WorkowatyWilczek and HarryD28 Original Creator: Eryel & Maximilian Requires: EA, RR for biomes Public Domain: Yes Language: English Bugs: Idk it is considered as a bug, but juvenile and baby have normal emu skin instead of king island one. Description: King Island emu for your zoos. Screenshot: z_EmuKingIsland.z2f
  4. Emu has been finished and will be soon on TRT. I would like to also post it here, but Idk how
  5. Just made tasmanian emu. Works almost fine, need only to do some minor changes
  6. I started working on first animal for my pack. It will be some extinct dog species...
  7. Hello! Some of you might know me from TRT. My main project is adding DM's thylacine anims in-game, however I also made this thylacine skin display: . I will relase it, but I still need to fix some minor bugs.
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