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  1. hello im sorry for the late reply... thanks for the trade sweetie... 2 tombs plus mummy already been received...thanks again^^
  2. 100x4999 already been sent...pls check it 2 tombs receive..
  3. I am joyce I am a single mommie I live in philippines and today I am so inlove with my brian^^
  4. hello im interested to buy your mummy doll and 2 tombstone for 100x4999 if this is ok with you... thank you very much..
  5. oh but i offered this for your monster couch.. but if u dont have the monster couch now its ok sweetie...
  6. tell what will i get for what ive offer... do i get the monster couch plus a piggy? tell me thank u very much
  7. 20000 wood- 40,000 coins for sheep 40000 stone- 80,000 coins for cow 1500 ginseng-12,000 coins for chick 300 grass crops to feed your animal 99 grass seed.. 99 wheat grass 1000 ginseng crops worth 8000 coins...
  8. ok ill do arrange it first ok.. give me a minute ill be back
  9. what do u want in country story in trade for your monster couch? also do u have mummy doll? tell me i will buy it for u all the items that u want in country story thanks
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