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  1. i have some items add me facebook hun
  2. Sure thing! The items are on there way~ np what u wanna give for it? Well I don't really like buying 1 item for cc, but I will pay you 2x5999 for the head band if that is okay? hmmm i have so much money but i dont have any cc if you want i can send also old halloween items?
  3. It's okay! But I traded for most of those items >.< I would like the Stylish Headband if you still have one. Idk how many cc that would be though.... Thank soooo much! I love these little Boxing gloves!!! They are so sweet! I put them on right now~~ Sure thing I will hold it. ^.^ np what u wanna give for it?
  4. hmm ok but not know 6 hours later...im at office now:)
  5. 1Holly pillow and 1 Yellow heart pillow Cute wool gloves (I hope they come as a pair ^^) Stylish black hairband Strawberry biscuit shelf (2 if possible!) Viking ship decor Would you like cc? Or 3333s? Can I but it from you for 6cc?? Sure, sounds good to me hun If you dont have the new mug, I can just bump it to 8cc and get that for instead? sorry for my late reply.. i want cc cuz i dont have any cc:( what is your offer for these items?
  6. hello everyone i have some old halloween items ..please ask me only what you need with your price offers ok? thank youuu:) homegrown halloween lollipop orange halloween balloon black halloween balloon hallooween trick hallooween tree seed hallooween wind chime luminious halloween night window hallooween night floor gummi ghost
  7. hi i have Cute wool gloves Stylish black hairband sweet halloween shoes Strawberry biscuit shelf Holly pillow x10 pieces:) Yellow heart pillow Panda fragrant sachetx3 pieces Viking ship decor
  8. ok received and sent thank you for nice trade rep added
  9. fine for the broom but how many can u sell me? i have 2 and i can sell both of them.
  10. hi i have broom 1x4999 if its ok for you? jewelry decor for 2 x 999?
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