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  1. Wow totoro looks amazing!! So cute and sophisticated! I really like her ice queen outfit choice. Good LUCK! :cane: Thanks you!! ^3^
  2. ^.^ yay!! i made it tooooooooo!! Great Entries so far! Well here is Totoro dancing to let me sing and i'm happy. ^3^
  3. Wow guys! Really cute poses~ ^w^ Here are Totoro's! ~Playing with her curl~ ~Blowing a kiss~ ~Break dancing~
  4. Woot Totoro got into the next round too! ^w^ And I would like to say it is going to be a challenge! There are so many poses you can do in PS. XD
  5. I'm so excited to see what wig colors they got, since there is such a great variety on Ps. >:3
  6. Please dear Mod, close this thread~♪
  7. Usually Totoro doesn't rock out in pink hair, but she had loads of fun taking many pictures in this wig.
  8. Omg!! I love Totoro and the Catbus!!! Last month there was an exhibit at the children's museum of Hayao Miyazaki's My Neighbor Totoro!! And other neat stuff about Japan.. But yeah, Totoro is like Winnie The Pooh to little kids in Japan. ^w^ I love alllllllll his movies! Watch them all! 5 times each!! Here are some pic of it! Also these are life size, like if Totoro and the Catbus were real! Get this, Totoro is only 5'7''! Just click on the image to make them bigger! Also so I think that would freaking awesome to watch Totoro in German. I love Deutsch, I wish I knew more but you don't get that far only taking 2 years worth.
  9. I have 7 left. At the moment I am looking for 3333 items... Sorry! But I give discounts to people who are my friends already. ^^ Tell me how many you want! oh okay. i think i want 2. K! ^.^ Does 3x333 + 1x999 Sound good to you? I think I have only 1 shoji window and the jasmine flower I gave as a gift to my sister. XD I wasn't planning on selling it, but I don't really use it at all. Would like to trade for it?
  10. Bed sent! Sorry it took so long! XD It was hard to find since there was a lot of stiff in front of it.
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