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  1. Hmmmm......I don't remember getting 1500 coins......guess I missed that.
  2. Hi Is the "Princess Bedside Table" the same as the "Ornate Bedside Table" from the BMB? I'm looking for the Ornate one from the BMB. Thanks
  3. Thank you so much Kiki That helps a lot. Leaves me to think I can't do math however. The movie poster sold for 10X4999 (1X4999=10GMB), therefore 100 GMB? Have a great day/evening. Thanks again for your explanation. Mary Ellen
  4. Hi - hope you don't mind if I ask a stupid "newbie" question about prices. Does "2x3333" mean two 333 items? (I'm having trouble understanding the 4th three. Sorry. And thanks in advance.
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