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  1. I LOVE the new items!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soooo cute!
  2. The cherry tree is already released because I have one in my garden Planted today and used the fertilizer! Soooo pretty
  3. Soooooo cute!!!! My birthday is Sunday, and since I am in the US, midnight GMT is actually 7pm on Sunday here, so I get to get the awesome birthday stuff for my actual b'day!! Yeah playfish!!
  4. I think that they might be some type of plant food/fertilizer for the trees, veggies and flowers. They kinda have that shape to their top.
  5. Love the new kitchen stuff and WWF stuff. Can totally do without the baby items.
  6. Wow, the items are cute, but what is up with the theme? People were commenting on how the white baby hat changed due to a glitch. I want the baby cat definitely, but will NOT be happy if there is a whole baby them this week with cribs, etc. Nothing against babies. I love them, just feels like a slap in the face when you've been trying for 3 years
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