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  1. I don't have much time lately to enter here, but now that I have a few minutes to play I decided to visit PSFC Have a nice weekend all !
  2. I've completed my project of 99 paw tulip today
  3. lucky you i just got wooden tables and cookie jars (when i want them they never appear lol )
  4. New 99 project coming...baby cat doll i just love them
  5. Hola Lulu Un plcer conocerte tambien ^^
  6. My fav is the bathroom and the attic, reminds me to mine lol
  7. Hola a todos Me llamo Daniela y soy de Argentina, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal tengo 20 años y encontré este foro hace poco y me encanta ^^ Está mucho más organizado que el otro me parece. Hay que invitar más gente asi somos cada vez más Saludos desde Argentina
  8. i completed my 99 gold balloons
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