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  1. Its so nice!!! too bad the angel is in the c shop.... i only have 4 left because i fell so inlove with the icebears last week lol
  2. Too bad there is so much items in the cash shop but i already bought them all
  3. Im from norway! akkurat som terjekebab som er kjæresten min
  4. OOh that is soo cool! i want them all! and the horse doll looks soo cute ^^ i have been waiting so long for that sheep doll to get out too! yey!!
  5. please accept my F/R for trade, ths Hii! im sorry but when i tried to buy some cc with my mobile i never got the sms (i have tried this before and it works) so ive only got 5 cc now so i will not be able to trade with you im sorry can i still accept your fr in facebook for be friends? maybe i will get them later im not sure
  6. How many cc for bulldog Doll and leprechaun Doll?? 15cc?
  7. Gurnie

    Would you rather...

    carrot guitar or piano?
  8. Love your house! And the idea with the hedgehogs in the pea bag is genius! those are so cute =)
  9. woo! I got all of them already =) they are really nice !!
  10. Wooo! im so happy i got the baby hedgehog toy! I have wanted it since i first saw it from very many months ago and now my boyfriend fixed it for me!! isnt he just the best ^^ <3 I also finally got the nuclear rug!! I have been trying to get it for long time now ^^
  11. Oohh I cant wait!! i have been waiting for that judge wig for ages!! Im so exited!!^^ do you know in what shop it will come out??
  12. Looks like you've got it anyway congrats hihi
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