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  1. Can I please get the Haunted Mirror, Bloody Footprints, Spooky Fishtank, Bouncy Slime and 4 Halloween Fish Biscuits for 30*4999 please?
  2. Please Mrs Balls Up Woman can I have ball number 8.
  3. Oh bad news.. you can't even gift regular coin animals..
  4. Sorry I had some stuff to do.. Anywho, Monster Couch it is then :] I'll send the chicken, 50 wheat and 50 grass for now since I don't have much of them yet. I'll send a few hundred more crops as soon as they finish growing. Which sheep did you want btw? White or brown?
  5. If you do have one, would it be alright if you sent me it instead? Oh and just to make sure, I'm supposed to send you regular coin animals not cash coin animals right?
  6. 2 sheep, 2 chicken + crops they eat.. I could get that arranged if you give me time to let the crops grow :] Might take a while though since I just planted crops that take 18 hours to grow, and then I'll have to plant the wheat and grass. I do have around 100 of each right now though. Or as an alternative, if you trust me enough you can continuously request for them and I won't delete you from my list.
  7. I'm ready to trade whenever you are. Which animals do you want in particular though?
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