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  1. Can i buy Santa Mayor Picture and Red Holiday Candle for 6x999?
  2. Girasol

    close please....

    egg has been sent, please send payment when you get the time 17x999 sent. Thank u very much. Rep added
  3. Girasol

    close please....

    Can i have a penguin egg for 17x999?
  4. Girasol

    close please....

    I need a penguin egg. how many 999s for it?
  5. Hi Gaia =D just want to know do u still have 10cc? =D
  6. Hi =D I still want a small penguin plushie. If u have any 10 spare cc, pls let me know. Thank u
  7. I want to buy a Large Penguin Plushie. Pls confirm this deal and i'll send my payment =D Thank u
  8. I really want to win 10cc but sounds like i'm not the only active ones
  9. ok hun, thats 6x4999s or 30x999s 6x4999 for it =D i'll send my payment now, hope to receive that bouncy soon =D
  10. I need 12 cc for the bouncy slime.
  11. 5x4999 for it =D about the pink laptop and pink mobile. I sold them =)
  12. If i have an extra 1, i'll contact u Thanks for ur supporting
  13. how much for princess swing , hun? thx ^^~ Chupy is offering for it =D if she changes her mind, u can have it ok hunn... but how much for pink laptop? 3x4999 for it but Chupy is also offering for it too =D
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