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  1. Attention all: If you get a requst from me or any friend to checkout 'youtube' and it looks like facebook do not open it. It is a trojan worm and will infect and shutdown your computer and take all your personal info. It is traveling around facebook rapidly. Your friends did not send it! This is real. Please copy and paste to your facebook profiles !!!
  2. hi gaia!!!! may i know how much are you willing to selll your trumpet? thanks
  3. 2 playfish globe+2 nori curtains..2x4999 okay?
  4. oh sorry havent see this is still alive..please close this lucky thanks!
  5. but can u send 1st as im a safe trader and safe trader referee? how about i make it 4x4999 for wedding cake+golden heart wallpaper? or if u dont like its okay..f/r sent
  6. i would like the yellow hoodie please..sending 999s now
  7. oh lea im really sorry..can i trade with you after i got enough? i still need to refill my 999s since i traded my 999s
  8. i got 3.. 2x4999 each bump bump bump~
  9. i cancel the trade........ no thanks.....
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