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  1. chiory

    WTS> some stuff

    Plushie: 1 snowman plushie 2 lep doll 2 moon rabbit doll 2 dragon doll 2 cute tiger plushie 3 deer plushie 2 monster plushie 5 cactus baby 4 lion plushie 2 aborigin plushie 2 squitty doll 2 classic turkey plushie 2 ox doll 2 baby chick doll 1 white owl doll 1 cupid 1 mummy doll 1 monster doll 4 2009 holiday globe Furniture: 2 princess toaster 2 blue stripped jug 1 holiday wrapping wallpaper 1 royal party wallpaper 2 bird cage decor 2 bubblegum pink lip couch 2 crystal heart 2 caffeteria 2 petaltlas statue 1 maypole 1 summerpole 20 pawtulip seed Please offer in 3333's, 4999's or 6666's Thank you
  2. I don't think there's a way to move the tree And i think u should removed the items in benstalk room before u remove the beanstalk.... who knows what'll happen if u removed the beanstalk before cleansed the secret room Btw.. if u plant the beanstalk... rather put it on the right plot I plant the beanstalk in my left plot (In secret garden) and the upper bean can't be harvest coz there's coins icon
  3. I can't believe PF change their mind after posting this on blog and they even change the blog too I believe they think we forgot about this or not read carefully
  4. hello chiory, will you be so kind to re add a valid FB link please, we had a little technical problem and all FB links must be re added thank you OK I didn't know that
  5. I bought it with a friend help But...... i hope PF will upgrade the volcano's animation just like the viking ship I wish it can errupt
  6. When 1st playing, cc items always tempting but i can 100% said no to them But after i hv those items.... it really felt like i can't play without them x_x But our pets can go on without those cc items So.... don't quit
  7. There's 6 costume in it I'm lucky to get the pink cat, black cat and leopard when open those bundles Those sets seemed to be the most popular and hard to trade for The dog and fox are in demand too but not hard to trade but the raccoon not really popular
  8. chiory

    Swap Costume Bag thread

    Hi... i'd like to help my lil cousin to swap her raccoon costume for black cat/leopard costume please Do anyone want to swap? Got the black cat already
  9. they all lovely.... But i wondered how many cc cost for each of those cc items >.
  10. Please give me u'r offer Thx
  11. May i had the wampagnoa girl set please?
  12. PF hv been too greedy... not to mention 20cc for a non-animated and not-glow in the dark petling bed
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